It had been a couple of months since Molly had found William in that bathroom. She found herself walking towards his grave, as she'd done almost everyday since his funeral. Dressed in all black, as she'd worn since he died, with her hair pulled back into a simple ponytail, her eyes lined in black; she sat down in front of his tombstone, carrying a cream-colored folder this time.

"Hi." She spoke to it as if he were there, smiling a little. Crossing her legs and laying the folder in her lap, Molly began to open it.

"You're Mom gave me this the other day. Says she found it in the bathroom. Guess it was for me."

Reaching into the folder, Molly pulled out a few sheets of paper. They had writing on them. Molly recognized it as William's. Only parts of it were visible, though. A lot of writing being covered with dried up blood.

Molly read the header, "Molly Smiles."

It was a song. William had written her a song. Molly read the date; it was the very day he started ignoring her. He'd been busy with this… this is what he'd been working on all along…

A few tears dripped from the girl's eyes, making her black make-up smear as she read the parts she could.

"Though we're apart, her thoughts follow me… Molly smiles and she radiates a glow around her halo… a new day Molly smiles… ties a ribbon around my heart…though we're apart, she's a part of me…when the days have gone gray, nothings wrong when Molly smiles."

Molly let out a shuddered sigh and placed down the sheets of music. Laying on her back in front of his grave, she leaned her head back and read his tombstone.

                                           William J. Adams

                                        Beloved son and friend.


Leaning her head forward after reading, Molly looked at her slightly bulging stomach. Stroking it, she repeated his name.

"William Adams…"