The very first day is usually cool
First time in a place and your first day in school.
But here I am sitting, bored out of my mind
Just sitting here waiting for time to go by.
The teacher drones on without a clue
Of what my mind is telling me to do.
Jump up, kick around, wave my arms wildly about
"What's wrong with you people?!" is what I would shout.
But no - quite instead, the next bell will ring
I slump through the halls, wondering what my next class will bring.
But once I'm there, I realize I don't really care
Same thing as the last time, as I sink into my chair.
The next day I do the same as the last
Too much to hope that the time will go fast.
The same old dull rhythm day after day
I'm going to go crazy doing things this way!
Are you still here, reading this dull, stupid verse?
Well, I'm telling you now, it'll only get worse!
The next day and after is the same, it's the same
I have nothing to do, this is lame, it's lame.
This week is longer, and of course it's no good
That the teacher who hates me isn't improving my mood.
So, you're still here, to read what I write....
Will you keep reading my pointless poem till night?
All I will do is rant and complain
Blaming the world and racking my brain.
But I'll tell you what, no need for you to do that
You've got an idea what I'm getting at.
So now that I'm finished, I guess you'll be going
And I'll just head home (where it's still just as boring!)