The Show Must Go On

Uninvited, you
Penetrated my cloistered existence
While I (unknowingly)
Disregarded rationality
And allowed the rapine of
My little sanity and innocence,
For your serrated edge of sarcasm,
And jaundiced view of life,
Magnetized me to you,
And twisted the notions in my mind.

And the show must go on,
So they say,
As the chain links of time,
Rush by me,
Agitated by my hesitation.

How you successfully managed to
Insinuate yourself into my affections,
To become my untiring obsession,

I cannot say.
It must have been
My stupidity;
To have thought I grasped a stronghold,
Only to find it otherwise.

And the show must go on,
So they say,
For even as I write my
Time is impatient.

Caterwauls of angry protests,
Arising from my inner conscience,
Awake me, harshly,
Clanging like the
Bells, that toll endlessly for reality.
But I am oblivious, without rancour,
For the wild fire within has been tamed,
To withstand and comprehend,
The whippings of pain,
And agonies of hurt.

And the show must go on,
So they say,
As time whisks me into,
For it is merciless.

Like septicemia, you flood my being,
Poisoning what is left of my
Chastity, then dismembering,
My fragile soul, unremittingly.
But even as I grow weary, I wait,
In trepidation, for your untimely return.

And the show must go on,
So they say,
Even as time lucidly
Threatens to,
Silence me in myself.

As the vicissitude of the situation,
Loom like dark ominous clouds,
Ready to ingest me entirely,
Along with my insecurity,
I laugh, hauntingly, at the insipidity
Of my self consumed world.
And I laugh and laugh and laugh,
(The mad cackle of a broken heart)
Before popping a Phenobarbital,
To wish me a good night.

And the show must go on,
So they say,
And I produced the same
Mirthless smile
A show of fortitude to time.

For the show must go on,
Like they said..

Written: 08.08.03 Edited: 15.07.04
A/N: Looking back, I think this was essentially unbalanced. Any help with the rhythm and sentence structuring will be really appreciated.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -