Author's Note: A lot of times, people ask how God can let bad things happen. I wrote this in response to their questions. I know it's not true, and I know God doesn't make mistakes, but this is what I think could happen if God prevented some things from happening.

Once upon a time there was a bank robber. He went to a bank with a gun, intending to shoot everyone there and steal the money.
The bank robber went into the bank, and shot at walls and windows so everyone would know the gun was real. The robber then walked up to a teller, put the gun against the teller's head, and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.
The bank robber ended up being arrested, and no one was hurt. The miracle, which had been caught on the bank's surveillance tape, was on the National News that night, along with interviews of the 8 people who had been at the bank that day.
A terrorist group saw the news, and the interview with one of the survivors, who was a member of the same religion as they were. The terrorists saw this as a sign that they should attack their enemies, and a week later, their plan went into action.
Once again, God intervened and the terrorists were caught before anyone could be hurt. Unfortunately, when those terrorists were arrested, others came to take their place. The only way to avoid bloodshed was for all of the terrorists to either be arrested or killed.
When the world saw that there were no more terrorists anywhere in the entire world, there was much celebration. There was also much plotting, because one country had made it their goal for the last several years to rid the world of terrorism. They saw God's intervention as a sign that they were God's favored people. The leaders of that country then proceeded to become more ambitious and try to take over the world.
The other countries of the world began amassing armies to protect themselves. Alliances were made, and broken, and no one knew whom to trust.
Soon, World War III had started. Nuclear weapons were used, and millions of lives were lost. And to think, if 8 people had only died in a senseless robbery, none of that would happen.
Sometimes we don't understand God's plan, but that doesn't mean He's not there.