Warning: This fic contains a facsimile of religious elements. If you like your views on GOD and the DEVIL I suggest you not read this story, as I play havoc with all fundamental stereotypes in the Bible.

Disclaimer: Chibi Me means no disrespect to all the religious people of the world, I just thought this would make a fun story.

What the HELL!?!



"Ahhhgggg!!! This can't beeeeee!!! What the hell do you mean we're in Hell!?! As in the HELL!!! I should be in be in bed so I can catch my 6 a.m. fight to Florida so I can spend my Summer Break in the sun, surf and sand... NOT HELL! But Nooooo, my stupid roommate decides that we need one last party before school ends. Yeah right what'd she think we were going to do there, go a thousand miles away so we could have a nice NAP!!! But Noooo Instead of the Blissful sleep that I so need; I like a moron go with her to that damned party where I meet YOU!!! You, who drags me off to Hell to search for some stupid KEY, which I might add I don't have on ME!!!"

"The key absorbed it's self into you, so of course you don't have it on you."

"HEY, did I say you could interrupt me??? NOOOO I thought not...So don't do it again!!! Anyway, where was I? Damn it I lost my train of thought..." I stop my pacing and plop down in the chair behind me to glare at the object of my currant aggravation.

And there he is, sitting clam, cool, colleted and totally relaxed (which is so not fair) with one leg idly crossed over the other, head lazily leaning one arm, which was resting on the arm of a leather chair. (if of course you could call it that...that thing is at least four times larger than any chair I've ever seen) I mean don't get me wrong as far as evil tormenters go he's not really doing anything bad to me... Well he's not really doing anything at all; he's just sitting there reading something that looks suspiciously like a business report. Plus why are all the bad/evil ones always so damn H-Double Oh-T!!! It's just not fair!!! Yeah sure, I'll admit to it, the guy drop-dead gorgeous. Over 6 foot... Long jet-black strait hair... Crimson eyes... Beautiful face (great bone structure)... And a body built like a Beshie God... Which if you ask him it was... *sigh* Which brings me back to my point the guy's a freaking nut-bar! The dude claims he's Lucifer, yeah ya' know the fallen angel, the fucking DEVIL!!!

"Ahhhrrrgggg!!! This is so not faaaaaiiiir!!!" I jump up to start pacing anew, when I notice that ice-cold, flame-red (who woulda thought those words could be used in junction with each other?) gaze had settled on me.

"Are you going to start this again? We have already been through all of this before," He brushes his bang out of his eyes and gives me a look saying that he's not happy at having me interrupt his reading whatever-the-hell it is he's reading... Well...Nuhhh to you! Serves you right you jerk for kidnapping me, now you have to deal with it! Wait... That's it!!!

"You can't keep me here; it's kidnapping! Somebody's gonna notice I'm gone... And that somebody'll tell the cops that you were the last person seen with me... An' then they'll come, find me here and arrest you! You KIDNAPPER you!!!"

Ok not very threatening, but come on I'm dealing with a loon. Plus I'm stressing, Ppfftt! I'd like to see you try and do better! *sigh* I gotta stop having arguments with myself... WAIT! Where'd he go!!!

"AAAAHHH!!!" I scream, (duh) but there's a good reason for it! Two, count 'um, two arms drape across the back of my chair (a normal size one) and I can feel warm breath by my ear.

"Lei-Lei even if your 'cops' could find us, which I assure you they can not; but if they did they would not arrest me. For I did not kidnap you; you agreed to come with me," He said that in the most self-assured voice, like he knows everything'll go his way. Well, it won't, I tell ya'; it won't!!! Damn, He's right though. *sigh* I hate him...


Well, what you think of the prologue? The whole story will be told trough Lei-Lei's point of view, which I've never done before so bare with me, K? I'll try to describe the settings better in the next chapter. This chapter however was strictly dealing with Lei Lei's anger and frustration. Also in the next chapter I'll tell you how she ended up in Hell with the one and only Lucifer... And if you're wondering you may thank my Big Bro for the H-Double Oh-T thing... He said it all summer 'It was so h-o-o-t out yesterday it was so hot it needed two Oh to describe it'