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What the Hell: Chapter 8

Family Reunion


"Lei-Lei, I would like to talk to you."

AAAAHHHH!!! Crap! I forgot that those doors lead to Louie's room! Well, if I think of it this way... I'm already IN Hell, so at least when I die I won't have far to go... *sigh*

Ok, let's review my options, 1) I stay in here and DIE! 2) I run and hide again. I vote for choice Number Two! With that taken care of I have another two choices... I can hide in the bathroom (but that's the obvious choice) or the closet... Hmmmm.... The closet it is! As the bathroom is where any sane person would look for me first, I run to it and lock the door slamming it shut, before creeping into the closet.

"Lei-Lei, I know that you are in here. I want to talk with you. That is it, nothing more." Pfftt! Like I believe that! "Lei-Lei?" I hear the door open and the telltale footsteps saying that he is now in my room. However, instead of going to the bathroom to check there I hear the footsteps coming over to my hiding spot...

The door swings open and a face pops in. "Peek-a-Boo!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I swear to God I'm having a heart attack here! And there is more than one reason for that too! Yeah, ok, he scared the bejeeus out of me, but also the face that's in front of me right now isn't who it ought to be. It's not Louie. (like you couldn't tell from the 'peek-a-boo' part!) It's not even Kami!

"I knew I would find you in here! You always hide in the closet! Except for that one time when you hid under the bed and go stuck there for an hour! You really ought to be more creative Lei-Lei... I'm so disappointed."

"NANI!!!!! You're DISAPPOINTED!!!! What about ME!?! I still haven't lived down your death!" I push myself out of the closet poking him in the chest with each word.

"It was a car accident!"

"You Were Run Over By The Ice-cream Man! And He Was Selling Girl-Scout Ice Cream To BOOT! Do you KNOW how embarrassing that is???" I grab him by the collar of his shirt and start shaking him back and forth.

"What! Are you serious? An Ice-cream man??? Dude, that WAS a lame way to die... BUT... At least I didn't end up in Hell! You must have been a VERY bad girl since I died."

"Oh! Leito! I see you found Lei-Lei!" Oh God! Just what I need... Wait! Maybe I do... If I glue myself to Kami maybe Louie won't hurt me. Hmmmm... Suddenly I have flashbacks to all the times Louie has beaten the stuffing out Kami. And that's just while I've been around! Who knows how many times he's done it before? Crap... I'm SOOOO dead...

"Lei-Lei, Leito, have you ever noticed..." We both turn to look at Kami.

"Noticed what?" We say in unison.

"Well... The two of you look alike. I mean, A LOT alike. It's freaky." I turn and stare up at a set of green eyes that are identical to mine, which are being slightly covered up by spiky bangs that are the same red color my hair is... Heck, even his facial structure is the same as mine. (slightly more masculine, though... Only slightly, though...)

"Ummmm... Kami... Leito's my brother... My TWIN brother..." He stares at us confusedly, then like a light clicked on, he beams.

"That makes sense then! Oh... My poor-poor Lei-Lei!!! You must have been SOOOOOOOOO devastated when he died!!!" He reaches out, gathering me up in a BIG bear hug... Now, unfortunately for me and fortunately for Kami, he gathers Leito in this bear hug too... So at least he was safe from my knees... (I think he planed it that way)

"Lei-Lei?" ACK! No, if Louie joins this group hug, I'll KILL myself! "What is going on in here? I thought I heard shouting."

"My Lord? Though I loathe to admit it, I must agree with Lord Lucifer. What IS going on in here?" Ummm... Who was that? I wiggle enough to see that there is a guy with short dark hair, that I've never seen before(the man, not dark hair), standing next to Louie.

"Ah! Gabe! Did you know that Leito was Lady Lei-Lei's TWIN brother? Isn't that amazing? Who would of thought that Lu would have one twin and I would get the other!" Apparently this Gabe-guy is just as confused as me, because he's wearing that 'WHO-THE-WHAT' look ya' get when some one spouts nonsense.

"Perhaps you would like to let them GO!" As Louie steps forward, Kami immediately let's the two of us go. I shrink away when Louie walks toward me and smile weakly.

"Ummm... Hiya Louie..." I glance down, my smile wavers as I blush and I look back up at him. "Ummm... You're not hurt too bad are you?"

He smiled softly, "Lei-Lei, I assure you that you left no lasting damage." For some reason, I'm oddly relived at that.

"AH AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Lei-Lei! I can't believe that you kicked the DEVIL in the nuts!!! HA HA AHHAHAHA!!!" *KA-THUNK* One of my elbows meets one certain set of ribs.

"LEITO! You should not talk about anyone that way!"

"Awwww... Gabe, you're such a stick in the mud, ya' know that?"

"IDIOT! We are in HIS domain! We can NOT go around talking like this HERE!!!"

"Hump! Who said I was talking about HIM." He points to Louie. "I was talking about HER!" He jerks his thumb at me. "And I'm allowed to talk to HER any way I want!"

Suddenly Louie has him by his collar leaving Leito's feet to dangle in the air. "You Will NOT Talk To Lady Lei-Lei Any Way You Want. Do You Understand ME???" The low, silky voice. The glistening eyes. ACK!!! It's the return of the scary-sexy voice!!! HE'S GONNA DIE! Ah, poor Leito, I knew him so very well...

"Eh heh heh... What I meant was... That I could tease her like that, because I'm her big brother... That's all..." Leito managed to squeak out. Since Louie didn't look like he was gonna put Ni-chan down, I did the most reasonable thing. I glomped on to his shirt and begged for all I'm worth.

"Louie, put him down, ok? He was just teasing... Honest... I'm used to it. Really he wasn't trying to be mean. Well... Actually he was, but... ya' know... He's my brother... He's allowed SOME things... Mind you, I'm gonna beat the CRAP outta him later... Baka..."

Louie turns his head to me. "I am not really sure I understand, but if you wish it." He lets go of Leito's collar, causing him to drop to the ground with a thunk. (heh! Serves him right!)

"So... Ummm... Lei-Lei... What's up? You've been well since I've been gone? Well... Except for the dieing bit..." Leito you're such a dolt! You're sitting on the ground like it's NORMAL!!!! Baka!

"Who said I died??? I'M NOT DEAD!!!! Louie..." I turn to him with watery eyes. "Tell him I'm not dead. I'm NOT dead am I??? I didn't like die when I wasn't looking did I???" Once more with the gentle smile and the patting on the head.

"No Lei-Lei, You are not dead. However I must insist we get going, I have much work that needs to be done. Or would you rather stay here and catch up with your brother?"

"GOD NO!!! I'd rather be locked in a room with Kami For a WEEK than stay here with you, you BUTT!" Yes, it is official I am still quite mad at my bro for dieing on me.

"Aw Lei-Lei it can't be that bad... I mean we lived together for 20 years of our lives. Hell we share a room for all those years too! I thought you loved me." *sniff sniff* Leito sits there with great big crocodile tears in his eyes.

"You dolt! I do love you, but Do You Know What Your Death Did To ME???" He squints and sticks out his tongue like he always does when he thinks too hard.

"Ummmm... You were devastated beyond belief and mourned for me you the whole year???? You gave up ice cream??? You bought a new car matching the one that was crushed to memorialize my death???"

"NO! YOU IDIOT!!!! I was stuck with YOUR Girlfriend as a roommate!!! Just because we were both mourning, why did we have to mourn together???? Why, I ask you WHY????"

"Lei-Lei, Lizzy is your best friend. Why are you so upset about bunking with her?" Oh yeah... They were great together... Both clueless!

"Do you KNOW what she did to our room? She painted it PINK!!!!!!! Pink for God's sake PINK!!!! And you know how she is. How did you stand her boundless energy?" Leito gets this disgusting sleazy smirk.

"Well... You see... We..." ACK! I really don't wanna know so I smack him upside the head.

"You perv!"

"Lei-Lei?" I turn to Louie, who raises his brow and leans his head toward the door.

"You're right Louie. Let's go. I'm ready now." This time when Louie wraps his arms around me, I let him. Just praying that he won't drop me. He tightens his pesto embrace and leans down so his mouth is near my ear. Once again I blush... (I hate it when that happens!)

"HEY! What's The Big Idea, You---" *thunk*

"Leito! Please be quiet!" Guess it was Ni-chan getting thunked. I wonder who did it? I turn to look and am instead face to face with a smiling devil... Don't let anyone tell you different, that's freaky! (and it made me blush more. We're not even an inch apart!) Louie opens his mouth and closes his eyes, as I do the same. Then he gently starts to... To... To... Chant???

What the HELL was that???

"Oni Geta Wor Wens Sol" Damn, I hate when he does that! I open my eyes to see that we are now in some sort of office building. A very posh office building too! All shiny black marble and granite everywhere, it's all black, everything! Why am I not surprised???

"Whoa! Nice digs man! But if you don't mind you're still holdin' Lei-Lei kinda tight there bud." Gee... I never knew Leito to be quite so overprotective before... Always before he was more "feed her to the wolves" kinda guy... What gives?

"Lei-Lei?" I break out of Louie grasp to glare at him.

"Oh no! I'm not talking to you! You knew we could go this way all along, but NOOOOOO! You just HAD to scare the snot outta me didn't you???" I stomp away from him, cross my arms and glare at him from under lowered brows. He steps forwards.

"Lei-Lei?" I glare even harder and he stops where he is. (ah ha! My death glare has finally been perfected! I rock!)

"Ah! Lord Lucifer! You have finally arrived," Otto walks up to us carrying a briefcase and an armload of paperwork. "I was beginning to worry. Oh! You have guest."

"So it seems I do. You have met Gabriel before."

"Yes, we have. How do you do?" Gabe nods his head in acknowledgement.

"And this is Leito." Otto stops and stares at Leito, then turns to me, then back to Leito. Raising his eyebrow he looks to Louie.

"They are twins. He is also her Guardian Angel and HIS technical adviser."

"WHAT???? HE'S WHAT???" The glaring's done, I'm settling for the dazed look now.

"Leito, your brother is HIS technical adviser."

"That's not what I'm whating to!"

"Gee sis, did I forget to tell you that?" Screw dazed, I'm back to glaring.

Yup, yup. I Really hate being the last to know anything. Why aren't I in on these things? Don't they think I would want to know something like this? Next thing they'll tell me Louie has a desk job!


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