Hey ppl, I wrote this story a couple years ago in writing class and I wanted to know what ppl though about it so, I'm going to post it here. This is a one shot story. It's not ment to offend anybody either. It's just for fun , okay? Starzygirl

Andrea Rose Lane woke up to the sound of a buzzing alarm clock. The display read 6:00 A.M. September, 9, 3001. Andrea didn't want to get up. "All my friends get up at 7:00,"Andrea complained. "You set me for 6:00 A.M." the alarm clock said in a mechanical voice. Andrea groaned and got up. As she was walking down the hall toward the dining room she bumped into her little sister Jennifer. Jennifer was very excited. "Andrea, Andrea. today is the day we're going to Grandma's house!!!" she yelled. Andrea had totally forgotten about going to her grandmother's house. Her grandmother lived on one of Jupiter's moons. Andrea didn't really like going to her grandmother's house. Grandma was old and feeble. She was always asking Andrea to go to the store for her.
"Andrea are you packed. I've been packed since last week!!!!!" Jennifer woke her from her daydream. She went back up to her room to pack. Andrea threw a couple of handfuls of shirts into her fax machine. Last year for her birthday she had received the really cool fax machine. It was really a cool invention if you put your clothes in or whatever they would go to the place you typed in. Andrea went down to breakfast. Her cooking robot was hard at work making her scrambled eggs. Andrea wanted a new robot for her birthday, September 11th. Andrea couldn't wait! "Andrea time for school" the clock in the hall called. Andrea finished her eggs and went to the rocket bus stop. Timothy, Carry, And Christina were already there. They chatted for a bit until the rocket bus pulled up.
Andrea's stop was the last so next the rocket bus pulled up to New York middle school. When faster than light travel was invented, there was only on school per 200 miles. The bus skidded to a stop. All of the children walked off.
Andrea's first class was history. She stopped by her locker and got her history book. Jasman, Andrea's friend, Was already at her locker (Jasmine's locker was right next to Andrea's). "Lets go to history." jasmen said. The two girls walked down the hall to the history room. Andrea found her seat and sat down. The bell rang and Mr.Mull walked in. He was a pale, meek looking man. "Today we will be talking about the years 1901 to 2001.please take notes, you will have a test the 11th. "Mr. mull said. Andrea raised her hand.
"Mr. Mull, my birthday is the 11th". Mr. Mull gave her a look "On the day September 11th 2001 some terrorists crashed some planes into the world trade center and the pentagon. Do any of you know what an airplane is?" all of the smart kids raised their hand. Mr. Mull called on Harry. "An airplane is a primitive form of air travel," Harry answered. Mr. Mull drowned on for another 20 minutes and then all the kids went to their next class. As usual, Andrea's day when like a blur. Since she was going to Grandma's house, her mother picked her up. Andrea got into her family's rocket as it pulled up. Andrea's mother had already picked up Jennifer. Jennifer was happily chattering in the back of the rocket about what a great time they were going to have at grandma's. Andrea's mother took inter galaxy 9.Mom sped up as she approached the edge of the atmosphere. When the family rocket blasted into space, Andrea started to fall asleep. Stars always made her sleepy. Andrea was having a very good dream. In her dream, she got full credit on her history test. Andrea wasn't very good at history so all of her classmates were wondering why she did so well. Jasmine was yelling "Andrea, Andrea" and shaking Andrea by the shoulders. "I'm getting up," Andrea replied. Andrea, Jennifer and Mom walked up to Grandma's house. "Hi Grandma. I brought all of my favorite digital board games! Like digital monopoly, digital chess, digital life, and digital checkers!" Jennifer explained excitedly. "My, my you two have grown," Grandma exclaimed in a nasal voice. Andrea's mother got in to the family rocket and sped off. Jennifer waved good-bye and ran into grandma's house. "Andrea will you get out the milk and cookies. I'm sure you two want a snack," grandma said. Andrea went inside to get the cookies and milk. She quickly found the cookies but couldn't find the milk. "Grandma, where is the milk?" Andrea asked. Grandma said that she had forgotten to get the milk and to set the time machine for one-hour back because that was when Grandma had gone to the store. Andrea walked into the time machine room. This is so stupid. I have to set the time machine for Grandma. She could set it her self. Andrea thought. Andréa carelessly pushed the button on the far right. Andrea was going into the living room to find her Grandma when she tripped over Grandma's cat. Andrea tumbled backward into the start button on the time machine. Andrea heard a strange sound. She turned around and screamed. She was not looking at the time machine room; she was looking at a beautiful field. On one corner of the field there was a pentagon shaped wooden structure. A strangely dressed girl about Andrea's age stepped out. "Who are you?" the girl asked. "I'm Andrea rose lane. I think I'm lost," Andrea replied in a shaky voice. "Well I'm Lane Andrea Rose. "I'm inventing a time machine so I can go in the future and prove my theory, everyone has a future twin but now I don't have to because my future twin came to me. By the way it is September the 10, 2001and you are in Orange county, New York," lane replied. "2001, I'm from the year 3001!" Andrea exclaimed "Andrea, I think you are my twin from the future. I would really like to come see your home. Let's go to the time machine and just go to the future for one day then I can come back home." The two girls went over to the time machine but they discovered it was broken. Andrea began to cry. "Now I'll never get home," Andrea moaned. "We can fix it," Lane said. "After all, you go to technology class and I almost have my time machine built." Andrea was about to tell her that Technology was one of her worst subjects when Lane ran into the pentagon- shaped wooden structure that Lane called house and returned with a piece of white floppy looking thing and a little wooden tube with a substance that left a black mark on the white floppy thing. "Draw me a blueprint for a time machine on this piece of paper," Lane requested as she handed Andrea the paper and the wooden tube.
"What is the wooden tube called?" Andrea asked. "I'll tell you after
you draw me the time machine," Lane replied. Andrea began to draw.

* * *

"Where in the universe is my daughter?" Andrea's mother was blaming the missing girl on her mother, Andrea's grandmother. "I don't know," grandmother replied. "You ugly, silly, annoying, untrustworthy woman!" Andrea's mother yelled into the telephone. "Bang!" Andrea's mother slammed the phone down. Jennifer was taking Andrea's being lost rather badly. She would spend hours in her room crying her eyeballs out. The only information Andrea's mother could coax out of her was that Andrea had gone to get some milk. Her mother could not figure out what this meant. Tomorrow when she was going to grandmother's house for the interview Andrea's mother would ask her (Andrea's grandmother).
* * *

"Have you guys invented wrenchasaws yet?" Andrea asked. "A what?" Lane asked. "Never mind," Andrea answered. Andrea went back to drawing. So far the blueprint was coming along nicely. Lane was gathering up a pile of stuff that they needed for repairing the time machine. "Wow! My time machine was way off!" Lane commented. "I thought that part went on the other side."

* * * "OK, so Andrea's back in time to get a gallon of milk for you?" mother asked at the interview the next day. "Well, maybe I asked her to go set the time machine and she set it for 1000 years instead of 1 hour. Then she accidentally pressed the "go" button and then when she got back in time the time machine broke," grandmother suggested. "That's exactly what happened!" mother exclaimed.

* * *

"Keyboard?" "Check.," "Orglook," "What's that?," Lane asked. "I'll tell you later," Andrea replied. The two girls went through the checklist until everything was checked off.

"OK we're ready to build," Andrea exclaimed. They worked on their time machine for another two hours then very exhausted, they went to bed (well Lane went to bed and Andrea slept in the barn).

* * * "Mister, do you have a time machine I could try out?" Andrea's mother asked the store clerk at Time machines Unlimited. "Sure lady, right this way," the store clerk answered. He led mother to the trying-time-machines-out room. "Alright sir, I'll bring whichever one I use right back", Her mother stepped in one of the time machines and pressed the one thousand years button.

* * * "Andrea, wake up!" Lane yelled. "Some terrorists just struck the World Trade Center with two planes." "What?" Andrea asked in a sleepy voice. "Andrea, always remember this day, September 11th 2001. September 11th 2001.September 11th 2001.September 11th .Lane started "SEPTEMBER 11TH!!!"

Andrea yelled. "Today is my birthday!!" Lane immediately started blabbing about what a great time they were going to have for their birthdays. "Today is also my birthday too Andrea. We can have cake and ice cream and a big party with all my friends." "Sorry to disappoint you Lane but we have to work on the time machine, Andrea said. "Oh yeah, Lane said in a disappointed voice". The girls walked outside and sat down at the time machine. It was almost done. "Whipperlay?" Andrea said. "We don't have one." Lane answered. "Can we build the time machine without it?" "No", Andrea sobbed. Andrea cried and cried. Just then in the distance there was a white light that came closer and landed. Andrea's mother stepped out of the glowing white light which was now a time machine. "Mom, Andrea yelled. Andrea's mother hugged her and said, "Let's go home."

"What about Lane?" Andrea said. "Can she come too?" "Well, if all of her family can come too I think it would be OK." "Go ask your mother, Lane" Ten minutes later Lane came back with her mother and a packed suitcase. "I can come. I get to go see the future", Lane yelled. One week later Mr. Mule handed back the history tests. "What did you get on your history test?" Lane asked. Andrea took a deep breath and looked at her grade. She almost fainted because she was so surprised. She got full credit on the test. Underneath the grade there was a note from Mr. Mule.

Andrea- Did you go back in time?