In the center of a city on the edge of a large forest, a small park attracted businessmen, relaxing on a day off and tourists, a new gaggle attracted each year to see the almost legendary roses that grew each spring. The roses were special, for not only were they beautiful to look at, but a few choice myths said they had a power, and of a being would come one day who could who could wield it. Each day, that time grows nearer, and each day, unknown to the people, the rose's power was slowly restored.


Hidden among the flowers of a large rose bush blooming in bright reds and yellows in a local park, a young woman sat stiffly in fear. The thorns tore at her simple clothes of a blue cloth about her shoulders over a white tank top, and a long skirt with slits up both sides for best allowed movement, yet she didn't notice, her thoughts only on fear she would me caught, for the penalty for even such a simple theft was surely death. Praying for silence and invisibility, she shuddered involuntarily as a shadow stopped in front of leafy hideaway and shouted loudly, "Altri, you thief! Come out now!"

Wincing at her name, Altri paid no attention to her opposer other than to crawl backwards deeper into the bush, succeeding in not only putting a wall of thorns between her and her attacker, but also scratching her face and arms deeply. Momentarily she flinched, but quickly she forgot the pain as the dark shadow blocking the sun moved a bit to the left and peered into the bush, his view slightly blocked by the unrealistically large flowers. "I know you're in there! Come out now and I promise I won't turn you in!" She shut her eyes tightly and tried to ignore the trickle of blood meandering down her pale cheek.

She could not, and as she raised her hand to wipe the blood away she saw her hands had the same scarlet lines on them as well. For a moment she wavered on the edged of consciousness, then with a glare she mentally stabled her self and looked at her prey in crime, angry at him for lying, everyone knew that he was known for turning in not only his own offenders, but all he could find just to know that he had done something to keep the city a peaceful place, even if it included killing off all those who had to steal to live. No, she told herself, he won't get away with that.

As she struggled to think of an escape, she noticed slight movement in her ordinary pouch she wore around her neck. With a smile she reached up and lifted her prize from its temporary holding. The kitten of 10 months mewed softly, scared, of both her and the man still cursing outside. "don't worry small one, Noita, I'll get us both out of here alive," then with a glance at the shadow above she added with some confidence gone, "I hope." The newly named Noita struggled weakly and mewed once more.

"And now you are hurting my cat! I will not stand for this!" the violent shadow seemed to lose all fear of the sharp thorns and drove both hands into Altri's secret hideaway, reaching ever closer towards her. With one final wide-eyed stare at the hands attacking from above, Altri turned her head to face the young cat on her lap, for a moment her blue eyes caught Noita's violet ones, both understanding the others situation perfectly. Then as a thick finger brushed the top her head, she softly kissed the cats forehead and buried her face in its amber fur, her dark blue hair hiding them both. With both their eyes shut, a single petal fell from above and engulfed them both in a strange light.


Shielding his eyes from the sudden glow, the man finally grabbed the thief's arm and pulled her through the bush, or so he thought, for strangely enough, there, standing before him now was a young man wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans. "Good afternoon sir" he asked and smiled at his captor, "would you mind releasing me, you have quite a grip, and it's actually quite painful......"

Sputtering stupidly for a moment the man could think of nothing to say, this certainly wasn't the thief he had chased, and yet..... He did look some what familiar...... "w-who are you" the young man smiled weakly and motioned towards his arm, still in a death grip. "Oh, sorry" having no reason to capture this unknown person, the surprised man could do nothing but let go. With one last glance towards the roses, he frowned in confusion.

"Ah, yes! My name is Noita and I am....... uh....... exactly!" Noita's cheery voice broke the silence, "I live.... well, somewhere, and I..... I ...... don't remember....." with an guilty smile Noita scratched the back of his head, "sorry, my memory isn't too great...." then as Noita smiled once more, bright and cheery, the man, after losing his thief and now having to talk to this dimwitted.... geez! He couldn't even remember what he was! And at that thought, the man hit the rose bush angrily with his fist.

Noita's eyes flashed mysteriously, causing the man to look up and attempt to determine their color to perhaps find out what species he was. At that moment Noita looked at the ground, shielding his eyes with his just as strange amber hair. "Oh look! A rose fell off!" he bent to retrieve the fallen object with a serious tone he straightened up, eyes in shadow, "you do know the old myth about these roses, don't you." Then he delicately held the rose by its stem, and glanced at the now some what ruined bush. Looking up, his eyes not very welcoming any more and all friendliness gone from his voice he spoke clearly, "because some one might not like you hurting these roses."

With a flick of his wrist the petals all flew off the rose and onto the bush, restoring it to, if possible, better condition than before they had even come, then he threw the remaining bit of stem at a nearby tree which burst into flame, proving he could both restore life, and take it away. Turning away from the terrified man, Noita started to walk away, then stopped, Violet eyes flashing he shouted "like me."

The man stared flabbergasted for a moment, then ran. As soon as he was out of sight Noita peeked into the now perfect rose bush and asked, Voice kind once more, "are you still in there?" as if in reply to his somewhat random question, a dark blue cat walked, a little unsure out from among the roses.

With a smile Noita reached down and picked her up, to her discomfort. "AIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!! What the hell did you do to me!!!!!" she continued to struggle, scratching and biting when possible. "Lemme go!!! Leave me alooooone! Aiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!"

With an obedient nod, Noita set her down once more and asked calmly "Who are you? Do cats usually talk?" sitting down next to her he absent mindedly pet her long light blue bangs, she bit him in return, and he didn't seem to notice.

"I am Altri, a human so why the hell am I a cat! You are a cat! Not me!" Altri paced angrily, tail whipping about, occasionally stopping to snap at random insects, then with a tired sigh she sat down and wailed "It's all your faaaaaauuuuuult!!!"