Alligatem Cum Sanguine


There was a softness to his steps, an eerie silence that called out to the darkened streets. His boots didn't make the expected noise on the wet streets, illuminated only by the occasional torch, and his long coat didn't swish when it swung back and forth, grazing his legs.

The fog covering the ground swirled around him and he was welcomed by it, felt at ease in it, made his way through it looking for something. And found it.

he said lowly in a sultry voice, and even in its quietness his voice was carried on the wind, breaching an incredible distance and turned more than a few heads in his direction. Some people watched him curiously, other took leave, glancing nervously at the tall man.

The one who had been called, a blonde woman in a crimson dress, was one of the only ones who didn't look. She merely ended her conversation with her handmaiden and sent the chubby woman on her way. Only then did she turn and approach the man, swaying her hips but keeping a cool expression on her face.

She reached him and stepped up, so that barely an inch of dirty London air was between them. They stared into each other's eyes for a minute before smiling minutely and as the man turned Katherine followed. They were both acutely aware of the fact that most of the people in the street watched them go but neither thought much of it.

Katherine's family was too important for anybody to dare start rumours about her and the strange man... well, nobody really knew who he was.

They swung into a dark alley and the man stood in front of the blonde woman, obscuring her from view, making sure that nobody on the street could see what they were doing.

Katherine untied her scarf and dropped it, letting the man catch it and save it from the muddy puddles of rain and she cocked her head slightly.

He took one step forward and lowered his lips to her neck. He bared his teeth and let the protruding fangs break the soft skin. She gave a small gasp and he grabbed her upper arms, knowing that soon she would need the support. He dug into her neck and easily found her pulse, breaking the vein and letting the blood fill his mouth. The taste of iron left him feeling cold and warm at the same time, and he growled as he pulled her closer. The blood spread through his cool body, warming it and sending quick jolts of shock through his muscles.

He felt the animalistic instincts fighting to take over his mind but forced them back and kept his hunger in check. He knew exactly how much blood he could take before the woman before him would be in danger and he was determined not to cross that line.

He drank down the warm liquid and waited. As soon as he felt that her knees gave away he ripped his mouth from her neck, ignoring the scream of his instincts, and gently licked across the small wounds.

He watched as they slowly closed before his eyes.

Katherine was heaving for air, trying to find her feet and he wrapped his arms around her waist. After some minutes she managed to stand on her own and they looked at each other.

She smiled at him shakily and he awarded her with one of his rare true smiles.

They left the valley, the man walking Katherine to her wagon and helping her inside, before disappearing; the fog swirling slowly before closing behind him, hiding his trail and the man left as suddenly and quietly as he had arrived; leaving nothing behind.

A.N. The title is latin and means (or should mean) something along the lines of 'Bound with Blood'. It's probably not right but it's the best I can do with what I know of latin. I'm working on it. Anyway, let me know what you think.