Do not be fooled by the title- and the first chapter is kinda... unoriginal. But wait til you get to the second chapter! Hoo boy, what a let down THAT one is!

The Perfect Lovers

Beautiful she was,
Pretty and smart.
Kind and loving, and
Loved by men from the start.

But only one she would have in her life ever
The man of her dreams, perfect and clever.

Brave and handsome,
Sweet and nice,
Women did love him,
This king of sugar and spice.

But to their dismay, while he was at war,
She was to be married, to a man mean to the core.

This man was rich,
This man had power.
This man was cruel
And so easily did cower.

He was old to be sure, almost was forty!
And though he was threatening, he was a fat shorty.

And the marriage ceremony was at the best part!
The priest had said the magical piece:
If there is any reason these two should be apart
speak now, or forever hold your peace.

And in he came in all his glory!
The clothes he wore, well, that's a different story.

And they rode away
Never to be seen again.