"This isn't even a town…" My twin brother, River, said as he moved over me and looked out my window. I laughed at that and he looked at me with his big pacific blue eyes, the same eyes I had.

"It's a township dear brother." I said simply as he scrunched up his nose and sat back down in his seat. He crossed his arms over his chest and pouted slightly.

"Oh come on River, Riley seems to be adjusting well enough why can you?" Our dad said as he looked back at us. River just snickered and poked my side.

"Because Riley is strange, I thought we talked about this." River said simply as I laughed again.

"River that tickles!" I said and he grinned and gave me a full blown out tickle attack. I could hear our father in the drivers seat laughing but over my own was louder. "I CANT BREATH!!" I yelled out and pushed him away lightly as he laughed. I let out a few last laughs and just punched him lightly in the shoulder.

"Your so violent Riley…" River said pouting again as he rubbed his shoulder. I rolled my eyes but before I could say something dad interrupted.

"We are here." He said happily while pulling the car into a drive way. Both River and I snapped off our seat belts at the same time and got out of the car as soon as it stopped.

"Holy sh-cow!" River said, stopping himself before he swore and replacing it with a silly word. Dad raised an eye brow but didn't say anything as he got out of the car also.

"Its… huge!" I said as I stood next to my brother. "And how many other kids are going to live here?" I asked turning around to my father.

"Hmm…" He began to think. "About 16... Maybe more." My father said as my mouth dropped open.

Ok maybe I should explain this. My name is Riley Quinn Blaze, I have one twin brother but I used to have an older brother, he died eight years ago when River and I were only 7. Our mother loved our brother the most, I don't know why but our mother never really seemed to care about River and I but our bother always was a caring guy. His name was Alec, he was three years older then River and I.

When Alec died my mother got into drugs, drinking and abusing River and I. Since my father was always busy with work and usually on trips he didn't seem to notice the abuse but one day our mother had gotten very drunk and River had accidentally dropped one of the many pictures of Alec in the house. Our mother went into a fit of rage and started beating on River, this was when we were 9.

I had called 911, not knowing what else to do and they came and drove both River and I off to the hospital. I had to be treated because when our mother saw me on the phone she got angry and knocked me unconvinced with a plate and started to stab me with the broken pieces.

When our father saw what our mother had done to us he filed for divorce and tried for six years to make it up to us. Though we never really saw our father much we still loved him and forgave him easily. Our father, Caden Blaze, had been a very famous artist and writer and to top it all off was a lawyer also. He quit being a lawyer but still stayed being an artist and writer to bring in some money.

Our father was so disgusted with our mother and wondered how many other children had been abused like this that he started a child care program but it seemed in the big city the kids just got into trouble so he decided to buy a mansion in a small town and allow all the kids to live here.

And that's how we got here. Interesting story, aye?

"Well I already took the liberty of giving you and River the attic like you two suggested and all your stuff is up there." Our father said happily as River and I nodded.

"Lets go!" River said as he grabbed our two travel backpacks and ran up to the porch with me following closely behind. "The attic… well… um… you can lead sis!" River stated and I just rolled my eyes. Couldn't guys just admit that they were lost, nope they have to do it the hard way.

"Ok." I said as I walked up the stair, running my hand over the freshly polished railing. "Dad and his friends did a good fixture upper on this place." I added as River nodded, no I didn't turn around and see him nod… River and I are closer then ordinary brother and sister and its not just because we are twins, its because we went threw a lot together as kids.

"You sure your ok with this? You don't want to go live with grandma, do ya?" River asked in a quiet voice. Most of the time River seems like this overly cheerful guy that you want to punch because he's just WAY too happy but always will fall under his charm even before you can clench your hand into a fist. But really River is like a broken five year old, he's always worried about people leaving him like Alec did and a couple other people. I had to leave him too when we were 10 because I broke down and had to go to an institution for a couple months till I got back to my old self.

"Sure I'm ok with this! It'll be cool meeting all the kids and teenagers, we might make some new friends and why would I want to go live with grandma? I mean she's nice and all but I don't think I can stand her that long… she'd probably make me wear dresses…" I cringed at that and River laughed and walked closer to me.

If your on the outside you'd say that River was the one that protected and took care of me but it truly was the opposite. When we were little and our mother used to beat us River would always crawl into my bed and clutch my teddy bear to him and silently cry. He told me that when we got older that he would take care of me and I've always told him that he does take care of me, he helps me feel strong and that's the honest truth. I've never really broken down in front of anyone, except when I was 10 and that's why so many people were confused and shocked. No one knows how I feel… besides River, that's why he is trying to make up for all those years.

He blames himself for me acting so mature for my age… I had to act strong and tough for him so he could hide behind me… I usually got the most beatings because I took blame for everything.

"Riley?" River asked snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at him and saw the worry in his eyes. "Your spacing… I'm sorry…" He said as his head went down and I just forced a smile and pushed him back a little.

"Last one to the room is a rotten sock!" I yelled like a little kid as I ran up the stairs and I could hear River gasp in surprise.

"CHEATER!" He yelled and I heard him running after me. We ran up three sets of stairs then down a hallway and had to go into what looked like a hallway closet but was actually staircases that lead up to another door. I opened the door and saw my bed, I jumped on it and raised my arms in victory.

"And the girl twin yet AGAIN wins!" I said happily as he laughed and plopped down on his bed.

"Ya right, I just let you win." River said with a smile as I rolled my eyes and looked around the large attic.

"Big room… MY SIDE!" I yelled out touching the side that I wanted and River's eyes went wide.

"But all my stuff is on your side!" He pouted slightly as I winked at him and grinned.

"Not your stuff anymore." I said as his pacific blue eyes went wide and I laughed.


We had worked all Thursday and Friday to get our attic room ready and all the other ones presentable. I had painted all the walls in artist ways and River had gone in and helped assemble things like bookshelves and beds. Our fathers two best friends and his sister, our aunt, had come and helped out, they were also going to live here and help out. Our aunt was younger then our father by six years which made her 30, Aunt Leah. Our father and mother had only had us when they were 21. His two friends were Mister Neil and Mister Jack. Mister Neil had been married five times and after the fifth divorce he had decided to give up on women for a while and became gay. Mister Jack is dating our Aunt Leah and is 33.

"ANYBODY HERE YET?!" River yelled down stairs as we both were putting up last minute items.

"NOT YET!" Mister Neil called up as we both gave out a relieve sigh. We were really nervous about meeting them and afraid we'd call them the wrong name or something and hurt their feelings. We truly wouldn't want that, we know how it is.

"CAR ALERT!" Aunt Leah called up as River and I exchanged looks then raced down the stairs. I ran straight into our dad and knocked him over.

"Whoa girl, calm down!" He said as he sat up and I blinked and looked at him.

"Daaad!" I whined as he laughed and we both got up. This was nerve wrecking enough, I didn't need my dad making it worse.

I heard the door open and a couple minutes of quiet talking then saw my aunt round the corner smiling happily. Behind her was the most handsome guy I had ever seen before.

"I'd like to introduce you to Phoenix." Aunt Leah said simply as I gazed at him.


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