Hi! BulhdRayne here! You might know me from FanFiction as Setsuna, but since I can't put any of my original work on FF, I'm on here. This is a story I had to write for my English class. It's a little gory, but don't blame me. It was a group project, and just like any group of teenagers, one gets stuck doing the hard work. which would have been me. **Grumbles** That's okay, though! The teacher really loved it, and it got nominated for some writing contest. I'm waiting to hear how it did. Wish me luck! Enough of me going on and on about it. Read, tell me what you think, and add any suggestions on how it could be changed. But know that I already have it written finished, I'd just still like to find out how to make it better. Alright then, on with the show!

Disclaimer: None of this is real, hence the "FICTION" part of the story. All the characters in here were made up by me and Tara (she wanted Mike to be in there) therefore their personas and such belong to us. The machete belongs to Robert (thx babe), the idea behind the story belongs to me so no stealing it. Ask if you want to borrow it! I think I've covered everything, start reading!


You've Got Mail

Chapter1 - Getting Ready for the Party

One inclement November night, in the opulent neighborhood of Bridge Mills, a teenager named Lydia White was straightening up for a party she was throwing. Her urbane boyfriend Todd, best friend Mitsy, and Mitsy's benevolent boyfriend Mike were the only guests who were supposed to attend.
Lydia was setting out 2 large Dominos Pizzas and Mountain Dew on the marble bar-type counter top in the kitchen for the guests who were about to arrive shortly. As she was walking pass the small, dark Study Room, carrying 3 bags of Doritos, the brand new Dell computer screen turned on and the little AOL robotic voice said, "You've got mail!"

Being a little startled by the sudden sound, Lydia flinched a bit, setting the bags of chips on the polished oak coffee table, along with other junk food. Warily she walked back to the computer and sat down in the large, black leather desk chair her father had bought earlier that week. Propping her bare feet on the mahogany desk, she wondered who could have been e- mailing her like this, and was hoping it wasn't Mitsy saying she couldn't come at the last minute. When she clicked "open" an ominous feeling swept over her. Chills and shivers ran down her spine as she waited impatiently for the e-mail to load. She rubbed her arms and looked around the room; books (mostly Criminal Justice since her father was a Lawyer) were filling all the shelves in the Study only one wall didn't have a bookcase, instead there was a large window letting in a little light from outside.
Barely glancing at the screen, the phone abruptly rang causing Lydia to jump. Tentatively she grabbed the cordless and said shakily,
"Hi Sweetie!" Her mother chirped on the other end sounding as if she were on a cell phone. "Your father and I are just checking up on you! We will be coming home late tonight, so don't wait up!"
"Alright, Mom" Lydia replied nonchalantly, as the weird feeling slowly faded. "I have to go now! 'Bye hun!"
"Okay. 'Bye mom." Lydia turned off the phone and looked back at the computer screen. The ominous feeling returned just as quickly as it left. Her stomach lurched and she was worried about what could be causing this. Surely an e-mail from Mitsy wouldn't do this to her.
Lydia's blue eyes, scanning the page, grew larger with every word she read.

"I know who you are Lydia, and I
know who will be arriving at
your party tonight.
Todd Campbell
Mitsy Smith
Mike Layon
and of course our hostess,
Lydia Ann White."

A computer-animated laugh burst from the speakers next to the monitor. A small scream, mostly a squeak, came from Lydia's long throat. Even though the laugh was robotic, chill bumps grew on her arms and she felt sick. The "Muw-aha-ha-ha, muw-aha-ha-ha" repeated over and over again. Gaping at the screen in amazement, she turned off the speakers and thought to herself, 'Is this a prank, a joke, meaningless? Or is this some crazed person's insidious plan to terrify innocent teenagers?' She didn't know and that's what scared her the most. Was someone going to kill them like all those clich├ęd movies? If so, why? And how did this person know everyone's name!? Involuntarily Lydia's hand rose to her mouth as she was beginning to feel worse.

Suddenly, large arms wrapped themselves around her slender wait causing her to gasp. Instinctively, she fiercely balled up her fists and slammed her right hand back into her attacker's ribs. A cry of pain rang throughout the house as her attacker jerked back. Lydia turned around to face them when she realized.


AN: And we have it! The first chapter. What do you all think? Good so far? Don't worry; the goriness will be coming up shortly. Probably in one or two more chapters. This story is pretty short; I hope you all don't mind. Well That's all for now. I'll have the next chap up soon. REVIEW!!! -BluhdRayne