Jay and Nick get a new roommate in their dorm. Jay and Julian fall in love. Eventually things work out, but then they discover something startling about themselves. Will they be able to live happily forever after? I doubt it.

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Nick and Jay leaned on each other, laughing as they walked to their dorm. They were just getting back from a party, and were very happy, and slightly tipsy. Jay, who was less drunk than Nick, unlocked the door, pushing his friend inside. He closed the door behind him, and frowned.

"Why is the shower running?" he asked.

"I dunno." Nick swayed slightly, bending over to pick up some shorts off the floor. "Dude, look at these! They look like a girl's."

"They are a girl's, man!" Jay looked at the third bed in the room, which had an open trunk at the foot of it. "We were supposed to get a new roommate today, but a girl?"

"Bet I fuck her 'for you do." Nick giggled.

"Nah." Jay punched his friend's shoulder playfully. "She'll probably go for me."

"Dude, look." They watched a graceful, thin hand with long nails reach out for the towel hanging on the wall next to the bathroom door. Jay went over and grabbed the towel, hearing the shower stop. Someone looked out of the door, blushing.

"Could you give me the towel please?" The person's voice was soft, and their pretty, green eyes looked startled. Jay held out the towel, but when the person reached for it, pulled it back.

"Come out and let us look at you." The green eyes widened, and the person seemed to hesitate before stepping out.

"Shit . . ." Nick whistled. Jay just stared. It wasn't a girl, but a boy pretty enough to be one. He looked embarrassed.

"C-can I have it back now, please?" he was twirling a strand of long black hair nervously.

"What the fuck are you, gay?!" Nick demanded suddenly. The boy gasped, and jumped back into the bathroom, slamming the door.

"Oh great job, fucktard." Jay slapped Nick's head.

"But did you see him?! He's a fag!"

"So?" Jay frowned at his friend. "He's our roommate. We should get along with us."

"He'll probably rape us the moment we get to sleep and give us AIDS!"

"I wouldn't." the whispered and shaky voice said from the bathroom. "I wo- won't. Please give me back the towel." Nick grabbed the towel from Jay.

"Why should I?" he asked. "You can just stay in there! Don't even try to come near us!" Nick glared at Jay, who knew better than to argue with a drunken jock. He scratched his head, looking at the bathroom door. He really felt bad for the boy. Nick fell on his bed, snoring, and Jay went to the door, whispering through it.

"I don't think it would be good for you to come out right now. I'll give you some clothes."

"Thanks. Uh, my pj's are in my trunk. The blue ones?"

"Got 'em." Jay hurried to and from the trunk, slipping the clothes through the door. "Hey, what's your name?"

"Julian. Call me Julie, and I will kick your ass."

"Warning acknowledged." Jay laughed a little. "I'm Jay. And the other guy is Nick."

"A closed minded football player?"

"Pretty much yeah. Took him a month to get used to me. Thought I was gay at first too. Are you?"

"Yeah. I wanted my own room, but . . ." Julian sighed as he sat down against the door. Jay sat down as well. "They didn't think it necessary to give me one."

"So, you like, fuck guys and stuff?"

"Yeah, but I rarely get that far. I don't like having sex just for the sake of having sex. I want there to be feeling behind it."

"You have morals. That's nice." Jay grinned. "So, what classes are you taking?"

Jay and Julian spent a few hours talking through the door of the bathroom. Eventually, they both got too tired, and Jay passed his new friend a pillow before going to his own bed.



"Get out!" Jay was startled awake when the bathroom door slammed. Julian was on the ground, holding his face and shaking.

"Hn." Julian whimpered slightly, licking at the blood on his lip. Jay jumped out of bed and helped him up.

"Nick punched you? Shit!"

"No, it's ok. I'm used to it." Jay grabbed his glasses and put them on so he could see the extent of the damage.

"Just a busted lip. I'm glad he didn't do more." Then what Julian had said hit him. "Wait, why are you used to it?"

"I'm gay. I get beaten up sometimes. Don't worry about it." Julian smiled, which made Jay feel a little better. He ran his fingers absently through Julian's hair. It was soft.

"You have really nice hair." Jay blushed a little, realizing how stupid he sounded. But Julian smiled.

"Thank you! I don't get very many compliments."

"I can't see why," Jay muttered. "You're beautiful." Now Julian blushed.

"I-I am? Heh, thanks." He looked at Jay shyly. "You're really nice." Jay grinned, his blue eyes lighting up. "Hey, where are you from?"

"Oh, Dallas. Why?"

"Just wondering. I'm from Dallas too." They grinned at each other. "What's your surname?"

"Marks." Julian nodded.

"I've heard of that somewhere."

"You've probably heard of my mother. She's a journalist."

"Really? My dad is too. He raised me because my mom left."

"Same for my mom. My dad left." They stared at each other for a moment. "We have a lot in common, don't we?"


"Hey, how'd you get clothes?" Nick came out of the bathroom, drying his hair. "You didn't have any on last night."

"I gave them to him, Nick."

"What? Why?"

"Because I like him." Jay frowned. "He's nice." Nick looked angry.

"How can you like him? LOOK at him!" Jay did, and smiled.

"I am. All I see is a boy my age with long hair and gorgeous eyes. Why?" Julian blushed when Jay complimented his eyes. Nick's eyes widened.

"I don't believe you. Now you're a fag!"

"I am not!" Jay said in shock. "I'm only telling the truth!"

"Why don't you go ahead and date him, huh? I'm sure you'd be perfect for him!"

"Maybe I will!" Jay and Nick glared at each other for a while before Jay stomped to the bathroom and slammed the door. Then Nick glared at Julian, who gave a small "Eep!" at the intensity.

"I hope you're happy, faggot." Nick turned away and ignored Julian for the rest of the morning, which was fine by him. When Jay came out and Julian was dressed, the taller boy grabbed Julian's hand.

"Come on, let's go to the mall."

"Hm? Ok." They left Nick to fume, and ended up having a good time.

As Jay stared into Julian's eyes in the food court over a shared sundae, he felt something in him change. He could just sit like this all day, talking with Julian. He frowned at himself, wondering why. Did he really like the other boy? It seemed so. Maybe it could work out!

"Hey Jul?"


"Do you have a boyfriend?" Julian blushed and shook his head. Jay grinned. "Want one?"

"Are you asking me out?"


"Ok, then yes." They grinned at each other for a moment, their hands coming together under the table. But suddenly Julian frowned. "Wait, are you doing this just to spite Nick?" Jay blinked in surprise. Julian really looked hurt.

"No! Actually, this morning that's what I was doing, but now . . . I really like you Julian. I want you to be my boyfriend." Julian seemed to think about it, and nod smiling, his hand squeezing Jay's. They leaned in for a light kiss, and Jay shivered at the touch, loving it.


Jay looked in the door to see if Nick was home. The other boy wasn't, so he pulled Julian in, sitting them both on his bed. They started cuddling, with short, light kisses. But it soon turned into a make out session.

Julian ended up in Jay's lap, his legs wrapped around the taller boy's waist while they kissed. They pulled away for a moment and leaned their foreheads together, smiling at each other.

"Julian," Jay looked into the green eyes that he adored. "I think I'm falling in love with you." He whispered. Julian replied with a passionate kiss. He ran his hands through Jay's blonde hair and gripped it gently when Jay's mouth moved to his neck and now exposed chest.

"Jay . . . oh God, yes." He arched against his new boyfriend and moaned when talented fingers found his nipples and started toying with them. "Oh . . ." then there was a very nice tongue licking his chest, and Julian had to almost fight not to come. He pressed downward, rubbing his jeans-clad erection against Jay's.

"Holy fuck!"


"Ah!" Julian suddenly found himself on the ground, with Nick's fist pulling hard at his hair. "Stop . . . ow!" he was near tears from the pain. Then Nick started beating him. Punching, kicking, and everything else.

"Nick! Quit it! You're hurting him!" Jay's frantic voice called. Nick was pulled off of Julian, who was curled up. Jay pulled him close and cuddled him, whispering soothing words in Julian's ear. "It's alright, baby. I'm sorry, he won't hurt you again. It's ok." Julian sniffed and buried his face in the crook of Jay's neck.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Nick demanded. Jay glared at him, his eyes nearly on fire from the new hatred in them. Nick gasped. He had never gotten a look like that from his best friend.

"If you can't deal with my love for Julian, then get the fuck out!"

"But . . . Jay!"

"Make a choice!" Jay yelled at him. "You stay my friend and leave Julian alone or forget we were friends all together!"

"Don't do this to me!" Nick cried.


"Fine! I can't stop being friends! But . . . why?"

"I already told you. I love Julian."


Things got a lot better from there. Nick seemed to accept Julian, though he'd look away when he and Jay kissed sometimes. He saw how they completed each other, and how happy they were. And after a month, he was even teasing them about it.

"So, have you fucked yet?" he asked Jay one morning. Julian had an early class.

"No." Jay blushed. "Why?"

"You usually fuck girls within the first week! What's do different about Julian?"

"I care about him. We're not dating for the sex." Nick rolled his eyes.

"I know. So all you do is kiss?"

"Well . . ." Jay grinned. "Julian is really good at blowjobs."

"Ew . . . TMI, dude. You are such a geek."

"So?" Jay straightened his glasses, looking haughty. Nick laughed and pushed him away.

"Dork. Hey, can you help me with my chemistry?" Jay nodded and sat on the bed next to his friend, laughing.

"Why do you take it if you hate it?" Jay asked, looking down at the blank sheet of paper.

"Ah, well . . . You know Rebecca's in that class."

"Enough said. Must impress the woman! Let's get to work." They looked up when they heard someone running down the hall, and their door burst open, revealing one of Nick's jock friends.

"Dude! Julian's getting the shit beat out of him by Canson!"

"What?!" Jay jumped off the bed and ran out the door.

"Thanks man." Nick nodded at Frank and followed. But when he got there, he was very surprised. Canson and Julian were walking in a slow circle, both with their fists up. Julian had a cut on his cheek, which looked like it had been made by Canson's knife, which was lying in the ground.

"Julian!" Jay cried. Nick had to hold him back to keep him from getting into the fight, because just then Canson pounced.

"Come on, faggot!" but amazingly, Julian dodged all the hits, and Canson was starting to get tired. He didn't hit back, just ducked and let Canson work himself down. Soon the older boy was on his knees, panting hard, while Julian was only lightly out of breath. "Shit. I give up . . ." Nick finally let go of Jay, who ran to Julian, looking at the cut on his cheek. It was a little deeper than Jay had hoped it would be, and he got angry.

"You bastard!" he turned to Canson and kicked him in the stomach.

"Cooper! Marks! Canson! My office, now!" the principal ordered. Jay and Julian looked at each other nervously and followed the woman while one of Canson's friends helped him up.


"I called your parents, and they're on their way here." Jay and Julian groaned. Then they looked up, each hearing their parent yelling outside the room.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm here because my son got into a fight!"

"Well so am I! Wait, were they fighting each other?" a man with black hair and blue eyes walked in, looking angry, followed by a woman with blonde hair and green eyes. They looked at their sons, who were holding hands, now looking confused. "Why are you two holding hands?"

"Uh, dad, you remember I told you I got a new boyfriend?" the man's eyes widened in horror.

"But . . . him?! No!"

"Oh my God!" the woman screeched. She grabbed Jay and pulled him away from Julian. Both the boys were startled and a little scared by their parents' reactions.

"What?" Jay asked. "What's wrong?" he looked at his mother, then at Julian. He gasped, noticing how alike they looked. Julian seemed to notice the similarities between his father and Jay.

"But . . . how? Why?" Julian wondered, confused. He looked at his dad, who was glaring at Jay's mother.

"Damn it, Shana!"

"Don't look at me, Bill, it's your fault!"

"How is it my fault?!"

"You let Julian come here! You knew it might be possible that they would meet!"

"Well I thought maybe they could be friends! I didn't know they would become lovers!"

"You're such an ass!"

"No more than you are!"

"Please!" the principal looked as confused as the boys. "What are you talking about?" Bill turned to his son.

"Jul, you can't date Jay."

"What? Why?" Julian gasped.

"He's your brother. Twin brother to be exact."

"No!" Jay said, looking at his mother in shock. "No!"

"Yes, Jay." Shana sighed. "You are unidentical twins. Your father and I broke up and each took one of you. I'm sorry."

"B-but . . . Julian . . ." Jay looked at Julian, feeling as if he was near tears. Julian was sobbing. He immediately went to comfort him. "Julian, shh."

"We-we're illegal!" Julian cried. "We can't be together anymore!" he sobbed into Jay's shirt.

"It's ok, baby. I love you." Jay lifted Julian's chin and kissed his cheek softly.

"Love you too. But . . ." Julian sniffed, looking up at his brother. "More than as a brother. I want you for a boyfriend!"

/So do I, sweetheart. /

/Why can't we be together? Why did this have to happen? /

/I don't know. / Jay shook his head, looking at Julian.

/I love you so much. / Jay's eyes widened, noticing Julian's lips hadn't moved.

"Wait . . . did you say that?"

"Yeah, why?" Julian rubbed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Jay's neck. "What's wrong?"

"Your mouth wasn't moving." Julian blinked.

"It wasn't?"

/I think we were sending telepathic messages. / Jay said into Julian's mind.

"Oh my God!"

"What?" Bill asked, looking worried. Julian sobbed again and hugged Jay closer.

/I-I guess it's the twin thing. I've heard about it. / Jay continued. /Baby . . . you know, we can still love each other. We do go to the same school. / Julian looked up at him, hopeful.

/Really? /

/They don't have to know. / Julian smiled and nodded. /Now let go of me. Act like we agree not to be more than brothers. / Julian sighed.

"I guess . . . we just can't anymore." He said, wiping at his tears. Jay frowned, pretending to be sad while his heart was leaping with joy in his chest. He would get to keep Julian.

"You're right. It's better this way." Julian shook his head and smiled, and Jay smiled back. "One more kiss." he leaned down and captured his brother's lips. The kiss was short, and sweet, holding all the promises of the future.

No one would know. They would move out and live together. They would have to lie . . . but it would be worth it.

As long as he got that smile.

*\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/*

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