Unsaid Feelings

Do you care if I don't know what to say?
Just lie in my arms and forget that which troubles your mind,
I see the unspoken thoughts in your mind,
I see the unspoken feelings you keep inside.
I want to chase away all your fears,
And allow you to be the person that I see inside you,
I want to make this world worth living for you,
All my hopes, fears, and innermost feelings I have placed in you,
These saline tears of happiness are foreign,
Bid them to run unhindered down my cheeks,
Please, just stay in my arms forever,
Everything I have ever known has changed.
Wash away all the anxiety,
Wash away all the animosity,
Wash away all my pain and doubt that causes me to hesitate,
In the overwhelming torrents of unknown feelings.
Your eyes give away how you truly feel,
And as I get lost in their depth,
I see the future under azure skies,
I am lost in their complacency.
Have I fallen in too deep?
So many things are uncertain,
Never leave me,
Never let me go.
Show me my faults,
So that I might reconcile,
Show me the meaning of what I feel,
So that I may love fully and completely.
What is this feeling that causes me to shake so?
All my fears, and doubts come together in a culmination,
A gross monument to my failures,
A taunting tribute.
Save me.