The eagle flew by. All birds flew by. Was it time for them to go down south? But, it was early summer; they can't be leaving yet.

Black clouds formed up in the sky. It looked like it was going to pour down rain.

"The sign of danger!" Noah's Dad, Carl said.

"Daddy, what's the sign of danger?" Five-year-old Noah asked worried.

"Danger is coming near us." He explained.

"Why?" Noah asked.

"Every time the eagle, birds fly by, and black clouds form, it means danger's near us." He explained. "But, Noah, don't worry. I'll be right here with you. Making sure you'll be alright when the danger starts." He kneeled down on his knees and gave his son a kiss on the head.

"But, Daddy, what about Mommy? Will she be okay up in heaven?" Noah asked. His Mom died in a car accident two years ago.

"Mommy will be okay. Up there," he pointed to the sky. "She's with god, and he won't let anything happen to her. He's protecting her, just like I'm protecting you."

Suddenly, all power went out, and the sky went completely black. Was it night? Nah, because it was daytime before all of this. Something's strange is going on. But, what?

Noah began to cry, and shake. His little heart began racing and beating fast.

Carl kept Noah close to him. Noah was his one and only son, so he wanted to keep him safe against his heart. Even without his wife, he's still a great, loving and caring father.

The black sky was very still and quiet, until it started to spin around in circles, and the wind started to blow hard and fast.

Carl got up off his knees with his son his arms. He began to run to toward the house, but it was impossible. The wind was just too strong, and dust flew into his eyes. But, he didn't let that stop him. He kept on going. Noah had buried his face into his Dad's jacket that he wore.

Minutes later, the wind had picked up cars, animals, and including people.

Carl had found a pole, and held it one hand. But that didn't work; the wind had picked them up. Carl tried to hang on to Noah, but he couldn't. The wind was so strong that it picked up Noah out of Carl's arms. "No!" he cried.

"Daddy!" Noah cried.

Suddenly, all people were all in a black hole, spinning at major speeds. But, to where? Was it the end of the world?

"Daddy!" Noah's word echoed throughout the whole black hole.

-The End-