Did you know that we were never friends,
That we never spoke in whispers because we had something to say
That we never shared a secret
Or a loving glance or touch
Because now that you are gone
And I stand by only as a spectator
I notice that our secrets are no longer ours
And our glances are no longer sacred.
I notice that our laughs are no longer our jokes
And our smiles hold meaning to more than ourselves.
Did you know that it hurts me to know that you really didn't care about me,
But instead you pretended you did
Because like you say yourself,
You know what people want to hear.
So you said that you loved me and led me on,
Taking my hand and pulling me close.
So you said that there was something close to your heart,
A frame of myself surrounded in golden rays.
So you said that I meant something like no one else,
Breathing life into the words that I thought were dead.
Did you know that you make me cry without trying,
My tears feeble and unfelt because they are running dry
And they are so small that you seldom notice
That my throat is hoarse, my face wet, my eyes burning
That my hands are shaking because I'm scared
Not because I am cold, though I am.
Left outside for the wind to bite at my ankles and gnaw into my sides,
Alone till the break of dawn when light can shine.
Left outside for the whispers to haunt me in the night,
Trying to hold myself together so they don't pull what's left of me apart.
Left outside for your images to fly in my head,
Awakening the monster that has threatened me since you left.
Did you know that you promised me love?