Beginning to Beyond
People living in the moment,
Are bound to waste away,
They'll end up with eternal torment,
Without hope for another day.
They value things with a lesser meaning,
That detract from the One above
They risk the chance of never meeting,
The God who sends them love.
Every makeshift mind that tells a lie,
Takes a chance with just one word,
Swift judgment comes so that when they die,
They'll wish His teachings they had heard.
Why take a chance,
Why only seize this day,
The devil wants you to clutch his dance,
To turn your eyes and never pray.
To embellish things that only half exist,
To put foolish thoughts inside your head,
To disappear into interminable mist,
Where tears are the only thing you'll shed.
Turn away from that dangerous bend.
Like the ripple in the petty pond,
Your life isn't from beginning to end,
It's from beginning to beyond.