"You slutty little whore!" He yelled at me punching me in the stomach and I fell down to my knees, wrapping my arms around myself. "You were looking at all those guys!" He kicked me in the stomach and I bent over from pain as his elbow came in contact with the back of my neck and things started to go blurry.

I laid there on the floor watching his feet pace back and forth and I knew he was in deep thought.

"I'm sorry, babe." He said and bent down to me and helped me up. Pain shot threw me and he pushed me up. "Stand up! I didn't hit you that hard!" He yelled as I stood up straight.

"I'm sorry…" I apologized.

"You should be." He said angrily. "Its all your fault I have to punish you this way, you know this right?" I nodded to his question. "If you were a good girlfriend then I wouldn't have to punish you."


I had spent all Saturday in bed telling my mother I had a 24 hour bug and she excepted that. She really never notices the real pain I'm in, nobody really does. That's ok, its my fault I'm in this pain so I should just suck it up.

"Destiny, can I come in?" I heard my step father ask from the other side of the door.

"Yes." I answered trying to sound weak and sick and he just entered.

"Your mother wanted to tell you this before she left for work but you were asleep so she told me to tell you. This summer your going to go live with your father…" He said.

"Your kidding… right?" I asked forgetting to sound sick or weak as I sat up straight and the pain came all over me again.

"No, your mother and I are so enveloped with our work that we feel as if we are neglecting you and with the summer and you being only 15, you'd have to stay in the house all day." He admitted.

"But I cant go! I don't mind staying in the house!" I said thinking of how my boyfriend would react to this. He would think that I was running away from him and he might go out with other girls while I was away, I didn't want to lose him.

"Your going, there is no argument young lady." My step father said sternly. "You've got till Tuesday to pack up." He added and walked out, closing the door behind him. I let out a loud shaky sigh and reached over to pick up the cordless phone. I dialed in his number and listened to the ringing.

"Hey babe." He said as I cringed at the sound of his voice but tried to remain calm.

"My parents are making me go to my fathers for the summer…" I said quietly.

"WHAT?!" He yelled and I knew he was fuming. "You lying whore! Your probably going there to see some of your bastards!" He yelled at me and I began to cry.

"No! Its not like that! I'm being made! I don't want to go!" I said threw sobs.

"Ya right bitch…" He said in a low dangerous voice. "When are you leaving?" He asked.

"Tuesday." I answered shortly as he let out a sigh.

"Fine by me, come." He ordered and hung up. I put the phone down and whipped the tears off my face as I climbed out my window and quickly walked to his house. The longer I kept him waiting, the worse he would get. Hopefully he would just smack me a few times and it would be over…


My pains are five times worse. He didn't just smack me a few times, he gave me a full out beating but remembered not to hit me in the face. After that he cut me above my stomach and watched me bleed. I knew I had lost too much blood, I felt light headed, even more so even when he it me in the head.

I was now on a plane heading over to my fathers. He had remarried and she had three sons. I had been on this plane for six hours and I was getting jet leg.

I heard the polite come over the intercom and tell everyone to put on their seatbelts because they were landing. I put my seatbelt on and took a deep shaky breath, all my breathing seemed shaky no-a-days.

When we landed it took about ten minutes to actually get off the plan and then about 20 trying to find my bags. I stood awkwardly as my eyes darted around trying to find someone of some familiarity but found none.

Letting out a loud frustrated sigh I sat down into one of the cold plastic seats. Well what now? I don't even know who's suppose to pick me up… how long will I have to wait anyways? Waiting always makes me a nervous wreck…

"Destiny?" I heard a male voice ask and I looked up into violet eyes. I nodded and he smiled. "Good! I thought it was you but I wasn't sure! But who else has violet eyes with a hint of red in them?… well me and dad but that's beside the point!" I blinked in confusion at him. Who was this guy and why was he acting like he's known me his whole life?

"Who are you?" I asked as his eyes widened and then he chuckled nervously.

"Sorry sorry, I was babbling… but I cant believe you don't recognize your own brother." He said with a deep frown as I snapped my fingers and he grinned.

"Sorry Felix!" I apologized quickly afraid that he would get mad and I didn't want to be hit again. I guess he noticed this and frowned.

"Calm down fruit lope, I know I've changed and so have you." I stood up and he pulled me into a warm embrace. At first I tensed up, I don't let people touch me but he felt so warm…

"Fruit lope?" I asked, talking into his sweeter as he laughed and pulled me a little away from him, looking down at me.

"Am I not aloud to call ya that anymore?" He asked in a seemingly hurt voice. I just shook my head and he smiled widely. "Well then lets go fruit lope." He added picking up four of my five large suit cases. I grabbed the last one and followed him. Felix and I looked so much alike but he was a year and half older then I and the point that he's over 6 inch's taller then me. He has always been strong for his age also. We hadn't seen each other in six years but he had already made me feel so safe that I had resorted to being a little kid again and following closely behind him.

He lead me to a Liberty and put my suit cases in the back as I got into the passengers side and he drove off. We listened to the music in silence and for once I felt completely safe, maybe coming here was a good idea after all.

But of course the worse had yet to come…


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