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End of Summer- day before Destiny has to leave

I looked around the beach seeing no one in sign. A warm breeze brushed over me as a happy smile crossed over my lips as I watched the waves brush up the bank looking almost like they were reaching for me. I rested my head against my knees which were currently folded up with my arms around them.

Strong arms wrapped around me from behind as I leaned back and let go of my legs now resting my head against a shoulder and leaning into a warm body. I sighed in contentment knowing I could stay like this forever, away from all the pain and the hurt mostly just the past.

"I don't want you to go." A deep voice whispered into my ear making me want to stay even more though I knew I couldn't. I had picked up all my pieces and now it was time to go home and start cleaning up my mess there.

"I don't want to either but… I have to." I said with a sad sigh as I continued to look out at the horizon. The sun was low making a gleam off the water and making it a beautiful view. Even though dark clouds were starting to cover the light sky meaning rain, nothing could ruin this moment.

"I know but I can still try to get you to stay." The deep voice said as I felt hot breath against my neck. I grinned and couldn't conceal my moment of bliss. After Caleb's death we hadn't gotten a moment peace with all the police officers and what not. This was the only day we could spend together without any interruptions.

"As good as staying here with you and everyone else sounds I just cant… run away anymore. I'm sick of running and… I just want to clean up everything." I turned around to look into pacific blue eyes. "I promise to come visit you whenever I can Jagger…" I said as he smiled and pulled me closer so our faces were mere centimeters apart. I could smell his breath and him too, I could make out the dark and light swirls in his eyes and some freckles that littered his nose.

"You better because I'm going to miss you so much." He said as our lips met in a sweet kiss. We broke apart and looked into each other eyes once more and then met again with our lips as I felt secure and safe in his warm and strong embrace.

"EW GROSS YOU GUYS!" We broke apart again to look at Harmony looking at us with a wide grin spread across her face, Felix and Knives standing right beside her with everyone else behind her.

"COOTIES!" Knives called out dramatically and then fell backwards. I felt my cheeks heat as Jagger hugged me tightly to himself.

"Guess this is the end?" I asked looking up at his smiling face as we both stood up brushing the sand off ourselves. Jagger's smile grew larger.

"The end to this story but only the beginning to the sequel." He said his eyes sparkling as I smiled along with him and threw my arms around him. I liked that answers… I liked it a lot.


THERE'S YOUR ANSWER! There will be a sequel, if your interested it will be called Finding My Way Back hope y'all check it out but it probably wont be up until a few days! Please R&R