Bring It On
(by Night Breeze)

At first I didn't have the will to carry on,
Illusions in my mind.
I'm spinning around in a dream somewhere,
I want you to come and save me.
Psychedelic tendencies of love will bring it on,
Carry on now,
Take me to that funky place where you and I are one,
Bring it on!

Sometimes I feel that there aren't enough thrills,
The feeling I'm left behind.
Life ticks on now but it won't leave me with peace of mind,
I love the way you save me.
Unconditional love will bring it on,
Don't wait until tomorrow,
Life goes on now for you and I alone,
So bring it on!

When at first I couldn't rise above the mist,
Drowning in chaos.
Crazy metaphors dancing through my severed mind,
You know you want to save me.
Passionate demonstrations of love will bring it on,
Lift my spirits higher,
Paint that picture for me, the one with crimson,
Bring it on!