The Mystery Meal
In the old Kern restaurant at the usual time
I ordered my cheese soup at a quarter till nine.
I was so eager to eat
This delectable treat
As I sat down to dine.
But what the waiter delivered left me aghast
I looked curiously at this dubious mass
I turned to complain
But he'd gone away
Gee, he left awfully fast..
Like a daring adventurer taking a chance
I started to examine this unusual substance.
But people started to gape
At my repulsive plate
And I sunk lower still on my bench.
It had no shape, 'twas a glob of goo
I finally found courage to have a chew.
Even now I ask why
I decided to try
This mystery meal..not a clue.
I went red, then a yellow that turned into green
And a few other colors that you should've seen.
My eyes started to pop
I just couldn't stop
Spinning around aimlessly.
I began to see spots before my eyes
When will this awful reaction demise?
I grew smaller
And the room grew taller
The craziest things you could devise.
Five minutes later it finally subsided
No chance for seconds is what I decided.
But now in fair mood
I think of the food
It actually tasted..good.