Tragic Love Story
(Short Story based on Sept. 11 attack)
I was blamed for everything. My life was a living hell. Then I met
him. The one perfect guy for me. His name was Adam, and my name was Trina.
He made my life a whole lot better, and took a lot of stress off my back.
He was an archeologist, so I rarely saw him, except on special occasions.
One Christmas, he came home for a week. I was cooking dinner when he
proposed to me, and of course I said yes. A couple years later, Trisha was
born. She was such a good child, and interested in acting. By the age of
ten, her big chance came. She would get to perform live in Madison Square
Garden, the best place for a performance. I called Adam to tell him the
good news, so he promised he'd be there. As a good man of his word, he got
a ticket to fly out to New York on the 11th. As the day went by, the 11th
came, and he hopped on that plane. About an hour into the flight, he called
me up. He talked to Trisha for a bit, and then she gave the phone to me. I
guess the 11th wasn't the best day to fly out. Terrorist had taken over the
plane, and it happened to be the one Adam was on. He never did make it to
Trisha's play, but it was cancelled due to the ash and collapsing
buildings. The best man, and the love of my life, died September 11, 01.
The last thing he said to me was "I love you Trina", then the phone went
out in static.