Sunlight Monster

He slapped her skin with the palm of his angry hand,


above and underneath his tongue.

That's right,

oh great monster belittle her to nothing,

close her up down here.

While making her become your righteous saint,

You're beloved angel,

you killed all that she was.

Turned her outside,

and then inside herself,

until she found no comfort in the sunlight,

no comfort in the outside.

It was all about the inside.

Her imaginary world,

of twelve or so friends,

who held her as she cried.

They listened to her madness,

her eight-year-old madness.

As she pounded her fists

against the wall and screamed.

She became your forbidden beauty.

A creature exotic and mysterious to the touch.

Her skin was like fire,

you felt it often,

don't you remember?

Hit her again monster!

Laugh, as the floor becomes her mate.


as falsely as you once spoke of her,

you too are the victim.

She's dead, you see, inside and out.

And she can hit you just as hard as you can hit her.

She makes you a devil,

she makes you, I know.

Its the little ones fault,

it always has been.

Things changed when she came around.

Life was no longer a free for all,

your weeks of love dried up,

and you became the salt on a Goddess' wound.

She still goes there sometimes,

back to her old friends,

the spirits she once communed with.

She needs to know that there are witnesses

to the holes in the walls from her fists,

she needs to know that there are ears to hear her screams.

She just needs to know,

that it's ok to go out in the sunlight again.