I'm going to put the warnings for all chapters in the story here: cussing and violence.


In the village of Nestwood, hidden deep in the Shirken forest, the sun was about to set, and a meeting was coming together.

"We mustn't let her live!" a voice shouted from the darkness of the clearing in witch the meeting was being held. "Amos? Amos, is that you?" another voice called. There seemed to be about 20 people in the clearing. Making all of the village, besides one.

"Of course it's me! Who else?" "Then, who's that?"

The group turned to see a young girl, no older then 5, holding a doll and standing on the surrounding cliffs that protected the village from the forest and it's horrors. As the girl looked down, the moon rose behind her and a peaceful silver turned blood red. The girl's eyes also changed the color of blood as her mother whispered "Luna." All was still, no one daring to even breath, until two men lost their wits and ran, Luna following with a grin. "Stop! You fools!" Amos yelled into the darkness of the woods, but it was too late. Blood-curtailing screams and the sound of mettle ripping through flesh could be heard. Silence fell again as Luna walked out covered in blood, smiling. "Luna, Luna please" her mother pleaded, but Luna simply shook her head and unsheathed her sword.

The sounds of that night still ring throughout the darkness. Even now, ten years later. And Luna still romes the land, killing every night that there's a moon. Using that same sword she slaughtered her mother with, and caring that same doll.