I'm Okay, Really




And I stepped out into the open,

And I held my head low and whispered:

"I'm okay—

I know I am."


And as far as my tear-filled eyes could see

Blurred darkness covered the calm neighborhood,

Darker than the darkest depths

Of my lonesome heart.

Then I smiled weakly, crying within

And the rain started to pelt down

And it felt like a thousand, cold needles

Piercing through my damp clothes

As a voice inside reiterated: "We regret to inform you…"


I held a wrinkled piece of paper, my name written in blue,

And I clutched onto it, anger and sadness washing over me,

Like the waters of an enormous wave.

And the streetlights flickered on, emitting a very dim glow,

And I unfolded the note again, as the azure, typed words started to jump out at me

Unusual from the typical, guy-like handwriting

And I went back over the four-lined letter, pang of pain striking again.

Crumbling the paper, and feeling the loss of a loved one

I hurled it across the street, in the clouded sky

A bitter breeze blew as a solemn tear fell.

It seemed to freeze, shattering into a million pieces as it hit the ground

And my head hit the door, thinking, "I'm going to be okay."



-Modeled after "The Creation" poem