She's all alone

There is no one to see

Her mommy is gone

Her step-dad won't let her be

When he comes up the stairs

She will lock herself in

He will pound on her door

His abuse will begin

Screaming cruel names

As he opens the door

Calling her 'bitch'

And calling her 'whore'

He grabs for her wrists

But she dodges with grace

Her skin starts to pale

On her porcelain face


The abuse…

The pain…

The screaming…

It's insane…

It's abuse…

It's pure fear…

Hide your bruises…

Death is near…


When he's finally done

With his sick, twisted deeds

He leaves her knocked out

As she looses her creeds

He cleans up his mess

And blood on the floor

He leaves her small room

And he closes her door

Her mommy gets home

And checks on her child

She has no clue of the abuse

That her daughter's defiled

And so it goes on

Without any perusing

She is no more than a doll

That the sick man is using