A/N: I wrote this after checking out some Christian message boards that were bashing Islam so bad, it wasn't even funny. I know all Christians are not like that, I assure you, I mean a lot of my friends are Christian.

Why do they bash?

Why do they hate?

They make fun of our

Last Prophet(peace be upon him)

They say our teachings are absurd

They say the women have no rights

They say the Qu'ran is a big old story

They say we have "blind faith"

They say we are not open to other religions

But when we say that of them, they

Say they are not supposed to find a religion

If they are taught to love

Why do they hate us? Or is it that they like us

But not our teachings?

Is it that they don't want the truth?

I assure you I am not one of "blind faith"

I am not the one that reads a few passages

Of the Qur'an and bases their view on that

They take a few verses make them bad without

Putting the verses in context

All the shizzle* spoken

Just makes me cry

I just sit in front of my computer screening

Bawling and crying my eyes out

Because I hate it

And I can't do anything about it

*shizzle= in substitute of a bad word (I'm trying not to curse anymore)