This is just something I took out of the top of my mind. Didn't try
hard, so give bad reviews if ya' want, I don't care.
Lives have been ruined
Blood has been spilled
Legends are made
And forgotten
My hands have been stained
With filth from over the years
Trapped in this prison
Trapped in the dark
Left alone to think
Pondering were I went wrong
Trying to bring back everything
Looking for light
Looking for hope
Looking for a glimpse of the outside world
Searching for my destiny
I wonder how much longer
Dieing seems so normal now
I've seen and experienced it often
Walking the earth
I don't belong
I never can
I want it to end
But know it never will
I'm trapped for eternity
I wanted power
I let it control me
Even though it destroyed me
That power I still desire
It is nature
People can't change
They may say they have
But it is a lie
Once you chose a path
You can't turn back
I learned this the hard way
My fate is:
To be a shadow
To never die
To be nothing

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