Smart Girl

Monday had been the day. Sitting in the waiting room, I watched the paramedics wheel her in. She had a neck brace on among many other medical items. Her eyes were closed, but she was awake. I could see her face contort in pain.

I looked around the waiting room and exchanged a sympathetic look with an elderly lady. The young woman who had just been wheeled in was the third patient today to be brought in with such a fuss.

She would also be the fourth victim today, I thought darkly. I began to wonder what had happened with this patient.

I quickly shut my eyes as I noticed two uniformed police officers coming to sit in this large white room. Fortunately, the only seats left were the two right behind me. The rows were back to back, so I was able to eavesdrop perfectly.

I tipped my head back as the officers sat down, my eyes still closed. They began to whisper, but upon hearing my slow breathing, they decided to whisper a bit louder. Good idea, because I could here them better now.

"The other suspects are back at the station. We can't charge any of them for anything until Elizabeth wakes up and testifies," the one to my left whispered.

I'm assuming Elizabeth is the girl who was just brought in. I continued to listen, finding out that Elizabeth had been trying to help a little boy who was being followed by bullies, and got herself beat up. "Smart girl," I thought sarcastically. I also found out that she was 23, only six years younger than me.

After that, I truly did fall asleep. What seemed like hours later, I finally woke up. I turned around to see no one but a young boy. The cops had left as well. They left a small crumbled up paper. I reached over and read it: Elizabeth Morris, room 214, state: critical.

There was more, but those three stuck out. I got up and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. It was late, not many people were around. I walked casually up the stairs to room 214, where Elizabeth was most likely getting ready for bed.

I walked up to the counter to ask the nurse for the room directions.

"Down the hall, fourth door on your left. Make it quick. Visiting Hours is almost over." I walked away without a thank you. I laughed out loud when I heard her aggravated whisper, "Men!"

Heading towards the door, I saw the officers walking out of the room, heads bent. I did not want them to know what I was about to do, so I just kept walking, looking like I was determined to be somewhere else. Besides, they may have recognized me from the waiting room downstairs. Once they left the corridor, I spun and all but ran to Elizabeth's room. Once inside, I took a deep breath and prepared myself to look at the battered body.

I felt my heart speed up, my adrenaline rush sweep over my body. I clicked the lock on the door behind me and grabbed the stocking out of my back pocket. I pulled it over my face and took another deep breath.

I pulled a pocketknife out of my sock and flipping it open, I pushed the curtain aside. She looked asleep, hooked up to the hospital devices; I watched her chest rise and fall.

I felt the stirrings of lust returning to my loins. There was something about poor, defenseless woman that always got to me. I saw her flinch in her sleep; her chests rise and fall becoming rapid.

I crept onto her bed, knife still in hand as I used my other hand to push back her blanket. When my hand made contact with her warm thigh, her eyes flew open and her mouth opened, ready to scream.

My hand flew to cover her mouth, and the look in my eyes through the tights might not have been enough to shut her up, though when her eyes darted to the shining blade, I read the realization her there.

I made a motion with the knife across my neck, and she understood. She never said a word through it all. She kept her eyes squeezed shut and her body never moved an inch, except when I moved her myself.

I left the hospital grounds later, smiling smugly. I passed by newsstands and apparently, one of them were about me. I had the cover page. I slid coins inside and took one out.

"Hospital rapist on the loose...what you can do to protect yourself." Again, I laughed out loud. Elizabeth had been my fourth that day alone, and it seems no one was following the author's advice.

I crossed the street when I noticed a little girl, about fourteen or so, walking alone. "Smart girl," I whispered to myself sarcastically. I picked up my speed until I wasn't that far behind her. "And this...shall be the fifth of the day."