OriginAnonymous: Hello, OA here. I'd like to say that this is not the real story but a quick sample, a teaser or preview like you'd see in the movies. If I get 5 reviews for this than I'll add more, promise.

Legeena pulled a burger out of one of the bags and started to unwrap it, "I like eating up here."

"Huh?" Ryder looked out the window and saw that they were on the second story. The streets below were crowded and busy but their voices could barely be heard. The sidewalks had disappeared entirely and every now and then a car would zoom by.

"You can watch everyone going around their everyday lives and not effect them," Legeena continued with a look on contentment on her face.

Indeed, from here you could watch everything going on; there was even an unusual pawnshop just across the road. Then a man stepped out of the crowd that was waiting for the light to allow them to cross the streets.

His hair was like an iced over stream or a frozen gust of wind, his complexion was as pale as newly fallen snow. He had a tapered face like Ryder's and wore a white trench coat over clothes that severely lacked color. A pair of golden eyes scanned the crowd in boredom. He removed a hand from his pocket to inspect what looked like an old, silver pocket watch.

"Hey, are you feeling okay?" Legeena asked worriedly before pushing Ryder's head onto the table with a yell of, "Duck!"

Some metal box the size of a tissue dispenser sailed over their heads. It banged against a wall and feel to the ground with a clatter.

Please, tell me what you think. This is just a sample though, it isn't how it starts.