Living With Auntie

By: Eli


The rest of my 10th grade year was cool. And so was the summer. I spent it with Jason and Jessie, hanging out at the malls, and stuff. Talking on the phone. Then spending time alone with Jason. And to make it a little better, my hair returned to its normal length.

Happy times.

And being with auntie wasn't so bad either. She still doesn't know I'm gay and I haven't asked about mom. I'm scared that she may say that mom hated me. But I know I have to know.

I'll ask her later.

It's the start of my 11th grade year and I'm pretty excited. But my brother and sister aren't. They're just in it for the friends and the social crap.

I'm standing outside the school, having fun watching the freshmen worried about getting lost. The bell hasn't rung yet so we can't go inside yet. Someone taps me on the shoulder and I turn around. It's a freshman girl who is confused.

"Excuse me, but do you know where 505 is?"

I decided to play with her.

"Don't you ever, ever speak to me again or I'll cut you in one thousand pieces and feed you to the roaches and then I'll-"


Jessie came up to me and looked at the poor girl who was getting ready to pee her pants.

"Don't mind him, he's an idiot fag."

"I was just playing!"

Jessie slapped me across the head and the girl laughed.

"Where is 505?"

"We'll take you there when the bell rings. Stay with us."

She nodded shyly, and remained quiet. Then someone else tapped my shoulder and I turned around to see my lover, Jason.

"Hello love."

The girl looked at us.


Jason looked at her and smiled.

"Don't mind me. I'm a fag."

She smiled. Probably thought it was a joke. Until that is when Jason and I kissed each other, she made a 'what?' face. The bell rang and we all took the girl to her class. She thanked us and went inside. We all headed to our classes and with luck we had the same class. We sat in the back.


We all had each other in every class except for 5th period. I had Chorus, Jason had computers, and Jessie had dance. The whole day was great, I even had lunch with them. After school we got on the bus (I didn't want to go in the limo with my siblings) and all three of us sat in the same seat and all. We talked long until the bus stopped near our house and we got off and parted ways. Or at least Jessie did.

"So how was your day love?"

"Good. Yours?"

"Great. But I have Ron for my last class."


"I know."

Jason put my hand in his and we walked that way in silence. I walked him to his house and he kissed me goodbye. I went on to my house, which was farther down.

Way farther down.


I was home already and it was evening. My brother, sister, and my aunt were eating dinner and I joined them.

"So how was your day teens?"

We all responded fine and talked about it. After that we ate in a few moments of silence until I decided to break it.

"Auntie, what happened to mom?"

She stopped eating and looked at me. Jack and Carla looked at her with question in their eyes.

"Uh-Well...She's still alive as you probably know?"


"The last time I talked to her was when she left your father and she told me she was going somewhere far, far away. She was pretty sad and tried to take you guys with her but she couldn't. Your dad won the court case and got to have you guys. He was very loving back then, but she was a little messed up. She took lot's of drugs during that time and the Judge thought your father was best."

"She took drugs?"

"Yes. Lot's of painkillers, lot's of sleeping pills. Very common drugs but the sad part is she always took too many. I tried to get her to stop but she only kept on telling me how she wished she was dead."

"But why?"

She turned to Jack.

"Well Jack…To be honest I didn't really know. She said something about the future…Something about herself that she hated. What is what I don't know. She didn't really elaborate what she told me. Everytime I asked her too she just shook her head and started trembling."

"But Auntie, wasn't she a happy person?"

"Oh yes! Around you guys. Around your father. But not around me. She was always taking out her trash…On me."

Aunt Heather began to cry silently. Jack and Carla got up to console her.

"She was a fine woman yes…She loved you guys like how a rich man loves his money…I don't know….I don't know why she left."

My mother sounds like a lousy mom just like dad.

I got up and left without say. I heard Auntie crying more when I did so but I didn't care. I knew the truth. Sure my mother loved us, but not enough to stop her bull shit. She's just as lousy as dad ever was.

I went into my room and slammed the door.


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