Tell Me Now

If you got something to say,
tell me now,
tell me today.
Don't wait for tomorrow,
even if it brings me sorrow.
If you have a confession to make,
make it now,
for your own sake.
Tell me what you may,
but tell me now,
before I go away.
I will listen
to every word
no matter how absurd.
Who can say
whither I shall be tomorrow?
I might never get to return
the things I borrowed.
Fate can be cruel,
so give not it fuel.
For tonight I may sleep,
with no need to weep,
and when the morning comes,
shining bright,
I may lay lifeless under the light.
Don't burden yourself with regrets,
of things you never said when we met,
on just another night,
when all seemed right.
So I'm begging you now,
please don't ask "how?"
If you have something to say,
tell me now.