Life's Little Questions

Sometimes I sit and contemplate,

How I can live my life to it's best.

Do I live my life for the moment,

Or live for my future?

Do I be who I want to be,

Or try to please everyone else?

If I were to die tomorrow,

Would I be happy with what I've accomplished?

Will I believe that it's better to have loved and lost,

Than never to have loved at all?

Should I speak up and be heard,

Or allow my opinion to become lost forever?

Will I be my own person,

Or be a figurine molded by the media?

Will I assume responsibility for my own actions,

Or hide while the blame is laid on others?

Will God welcome me with open arms,

Or turn me away when I reach those golden gates?

So many questions,

All answers unclear.

Only time will tell,

How fulfilling my life will be.