Goodbye Mommy

Her skin was so cold.

Her features unmoving.

I didn't understand.

"Mommy why can't you hear me?"

But I didn't cry.

Not at first.

To me the coffin was just a bed.

Her peaceful expression caused by a pleasant dream.

"Daddy I don't understand.

Why is Mommy so cold?"

People crying all around.

Everyone dressed in black.

I want to know why we're saying goodbye.

Why is Mommy leaving?

I thought she'd be here always.

"Aunty is Mommy sleeping?"

Aunt April nods her head.

Why is she crying?

Can't Mommy wake up?

But she has to go away.

"Can I kiss her goodbye?"

Aunt April nods again.

I kiss mommy on her cold cheek.

She does not kiss me back.

She lies still, unmoving.

Like those big dolls on 'Today's Special'.

Is Mommy pretending to be a doll?

Some men carry her into the church.

She still lies in that big brown box.

They talk but I don't know what they mean.

Everyone leaves the church.

Daddy and I get in a big long black car.

Mommy is in a black one behind us.

We stop at a pretty park.

Filled with tall thin stones.

There's a rectangle hole in the ground.

'I just learned my shapes,' I think proudly.

The bed with Mommy is closed.

It's just a big brown box.

They place it on something above the hole.

What's going on?

What are they doing to her?

People place flowers on top of the box.

Daddy gives me a rose.

"Put this on Mommy's coffin," he says.

His eyes are puffy from crying.

I do as I'm told,

And give daddy a hug.

Why is he so sad?

The box is put into the hole.

Where's Mommy going?

I'm scared now.

They fill the hole with dirt.

One of the thin stones sits at it's head.

To this day it still remains.

The engraved words remind me,

Of a time which once was.

A time I didn't understand.

There she lies,

Cold and stiff.

Gone from our lives forever.