Notes: Mine! *Cough* It's actually part of a whole epic poem/opera thing I'm trying to do, so yeah...

It's set in a much earlier time in the same world as "Origins of the Kingdom"; more specifically, it's the last word - poetised, dude - of the Empress Yanimara to her husband, Leman, and their load of kids.

When I Am Gone

When I am dead, keep me living
When I am gone, keep me here
The spirits surely are forgiving
Live, you who are to me dear

Curb your mourning, let me wander
Dry your tears and let me sleep
My memory's gold, do not squander
Sit not by my grave and weep

In sunny fields, on distant mountains
I wander now in lasting peace
From rippling waters in holy fountains
I sing until your grief shall cease

So cry not for me, weep no more
Recall you but the sweeter times
See the world as you did before
Let me rest to the temple chimes

For on the wind and in the moon
I dance from my grave to live again
From yestermidday to sunny noon
At home, at last, at olden glen