ARE YOU ONLINE? ode to msn messenger

I wait for the little green man
not an alien life form
or the one at the traffic lights
the one next to your name
on my msn messenger list
I wait for him
I wait for you
but what if you're online
laughing at my patience
and the fact I have no life?
Perhaps you are too busy
out to lunch or on the phone
I'm afraid you're away
and didn't tell me.
I wait for the green man
because as soon as I sign out
he'll appear next to your name
if I'd stayed a minute longer
you'd have been right back.
You're probably there now
and just hiding your status
appearing offline
to drive me crazy
the least you could do
is send me a smile.
I like knowing where you are
if he's red you could be anywhere
at least if he's green
I know you're at home
safe from the night
and most likely alone.

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