By:Andrew Troy Keller

In the offices of the Plain Dealer,
A reporter who was known as Mark Sabre
Was going over some past stories all week,
For there was something that he seeks
That is still out there.

A werewolf was what he was searching for.
It was a beast that was evil to the core--
And a vengeful Mark had seen
That for himself,for he had seen
His family die before it's beastial roar.

After he saw something that made him cringe,
An angry Mark had sworn revenge
Against the snarling creature.
And on Halloween,it was almost Mark Sabre's
Time to fulfill that vow of revenge.

But just as he was about to leave the Plain
Dealer offices,something had hit the main
Jugular of his throat and caused his blood to
Gush out.And just as he was about to
To call for help,the beast slashed him dead.