Ryan's belief that she wouldn't concentrate in school proved to be true. She returned her books on Sumeria to the library, and shared notes with a person who'd done a report on Sumerian gods the year before.
Cody spent basically the entire day at school being confused. He knew everything that happened, but he told Ryan that he'd also had strange dreams and he wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't.
After school, Ryan would have liked nothing more than to go home and take a nap, but she had golf practice.
Several of the girls she golfed with chatted happily amongst themselves before they began the game. "Let's just do holes one, four, five, and six," one of the girls suggested. "That way, we won't have to do any hard ones, and we'll end close to the club house so we don't have to walk too far."
"I don't know," suggested Tia, a girl who had only learned how to play golf that year. "Hole one is really long, and I want to get done early tonight so I can go to a movie. What do you think, Ryan?"
"I think these holes won't be too long," Ryan said confidently. "I think I'm going to have a pretty good game today, and you'll all be surprised."
"Well, why don't you tee-off first, then, and show us this great improvement," suggested Kristie, who was also walking with them.
"Alright," said Ryan, strutting toward the tee-off, setting up her ball and tee, and lining up her driver. "Prepare to be amazed."
Ryan swung, and missed. Her friends chuckled a little, and Ryan simply said, "Hey, everyone gets those once in a while."
Four whiffs later, Ryan finally hit the ball, which flew to the right, hit a tree, and bounced back, and behind where Ryan was standing. Everyone, including Ryan, burst into laughter.
"Oh, you're good alright," said Tia, taking Ryan's place. "Don't worry, I'll probably do the same thing."
Ryan sighed. She hadn't really expected anyone to believe her story about demons anyway, and she could always improve naturally with practice. A lot of practice. The end.