Random crap inside my head

Twisting my thoughts

Bending my wills

I wish these demons turn up dead

Covered in blood

To give me the chills

I swear there's a monster under my bed

Waiting to get me

For it's own little thrills

And a madman outside who's missing his head

With a knife in hand

Tied together in frills

Writer's block shows no relenting

Not giving up

Never to let me write

When I'm a poet who is merely venting

Life sucks right now

In the dark, dismal night

A sheet of metal forever denting

Pounded by boulders

Reflecting the light

It'll seem forever to be unrelenting

Salvation is gone

I have lost the big fight

Beggar man stands alone on the street

Lost by his faith

Abandoned by trust

Surviving this very, very small feat

He cries for lives that he's lost

But he knows that he must

Stand up tall and be able to greet

The shadows that pass

Unforgiving by lust

It's something he'll never try to defeat

The rain pours down

Carried by a small gust

And the tortured artist, ever reaching

For inspiration

New ideas to use

Standing in church while the rabbi is preaching

Jewish ideals

That churchgoers peruse

In the background the banshee is screeching

Taking slowly

What others cannot re-use

Broken faith that you will start leeching

Taking it all

Leave behind no clues