"I loved you." She said to him, no longer biting her lip against the words, no longer trying to pretend she didn't, no longer holding back. "I still do."

But alas, it was just a picture. It could not murmur kind words back to her, it could not hold her and make her safe and warm.

Warmth.she had not felt warm for so long. Even as sweat poured down her face the day before, jogging in the hot sun outside her new apartment in the new town, she was cold. She had always been cold, since he left her. She had always longed for warmth.

She had a room-mate now, and couldn't hang his pictures in plain sight. Still, she had kept them all through the years, although at time she wanted to burn them.

How many problems that would solve! If she could just burn them, burn him, get him out of her head for just a while, she could be at peace. Yet she couldn't forget him.

Fifteen long years she had harbored the guilt of not telling him the truth, fifteen long years she had tried to erase him from her life, fifteen long years she had tried to move on. But he refused to be forgotten. Everywhere, she met people named Tom or who knew Toms or just liked the name Tom. She couldn't escape him.

And now, she had a new job. She was anxious, to be sure, but somehow she thought it would be all right. She loved to write. Therefore, working for a newspaper was an excellent place to be.

With a sigh, she tucked his picture back into her purse and opened the huge doors of the building. She walked in, looking around her new surroundings.

And there he was, leaning against the wall, looking just like always. Just like she remembered.

Her breath fled her, her thoughts, her control over her body, everything left but her pounding heatbeat and the words she had to say.

She ran towards him, she knew that, and he looked up. She stood in front of him, afraid, out of breath, as he looked her over, relization dawning on his perfect face. And he smiled.

She flung herself into his open arms, one word escaping her lips, one word which could ahrdly be understood because she was smiling so hard. Smiling like she hadn't in years. Smiling like she hadn't since he left her.

"Thomas!" She tilted her face up to his, and this time there was no hesitation. He was telling her he had missed her and was glad to see her, but she interrupted him.

"I love you." She said, and covered his mouth with hers.

Bliss, bliss, pure bliss and endless happiness. Never had she imagined anything like this. The closeness of him, the warmth.

It flooded her body, and she thought she could never, ever be happier.

And then he spoke and proved her wrong.

"I love you too."