The stars flicker softly in the autumn sky,
Like the dwindling hope within my soul,
As the stars fade into a fresh new dawn,
My hope fades into a dim land of reality,
The cricket's chirp reminds me the safety,
The comfort of my childhood innocence,
The darkness reminds me of my childish,
Demonic insecurities that still haunt me,
All know silver to be second most precious,
Only to be defeated by the courageous gold,
I too am nothing more than second best,
In a world of Barbie's I am a Polly Pocket,
Can anyone out there see past their painted smiles?
Is anyone willing to love something so small?
Laughing slightly at my own stupidity,
That's like asking someone which they'd prefer,
A night illuminated by a single lonely star,
Or one that holds the bold moon's soft glow,
I want to be a little kid just once more,
Not wondering where my prince is resting,
But rather how long it would really take,
To play connect the dots with all the stars.
I didn't realize that was so much to ask...