Attention all my wonderful fans!

First of all, thank you for your beautiful reviews- which, even after this fic has ended, continue to accumulate.

Second, I am immensely shocked and gratified to announce that Things So Hidden has been nominated for Best Romantic Fiction of 2004 by Fictionpress readers. (Whoever nominated me deserves a great deal of my thanks.)

This update is for the shameless purpose of asking you to vote for me if you liked this story. If you want to help, here's what you have to do. Visit here:

www . youngwriters101 . bravehost . com / vote2004 . htm

(Thanks J for teaching me about the spaces!) If you want to check out who's holding the competition, look up the penname 'Readers' using Fictionpress's search function. The profile you'll discover is the one run by the site's moderator, who is organising this.

You don't have to be registered to anything to vote, it costs nothing but a few seconds of your time, and it would make me very, very happy.

Thanks again to everybody involved- please vote!

Azure Volant