The words you spill are meaningless
Sockets without the balls
If I cross my heart and hope to die
Could you feel remorse?
So I sit here staring you down
For the things you made me feel
I spend my days tearing myself open
Hoping to find out what is real

In my lifetime, I only wanted one thing
But nothing comes without a price
I'm not sure I have anything for you to take
So replace the blind fold on my eyes

And my bones are fractured from the lines you've said
The night is haunted with sounds that scare the dead
Mind's crushing in on me… I can't breathe
I hate you with a passion, yet I can't leave

You've broken me down
With a well chosen sound
Sidelined my feelings torn up
and thrown to the ground
You said it was real the
Love that you feel
Misled and crippled
I fall to the ground

I try and hide behind an empty body,
Severed lives are lead
Feeding tubes decorating me
Starving for the lies you fed
You punch me in the stomach
With your sharp and bitter tongue
With every little tear I leak
The further you push the gun

I didn't wanna die this way – under the pressure of your hand
I never wanted to take the rope, to enable me to stand
Walls closing on me… claustrophobic tendencies
I hate this life with passion, yet somehow I can't leave


{Distorted, spoken}
Splitting through my own boundaries
All bottled up with nowhere to go
Pressure pounding at the seams of things
Rage is something that I cannot control
Bring myself into my own delusions
It's the place I find harmonious peace
Overwhelming internal wounds are calming,
As I seek pleasure in my blood soaked knees