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There it was again. She didn't want to walk towards it. Oh how she dreaded the even thought of it. In fact she mentally concocted a list of all she would give or do to so she could avoid the very spot.

But she had no control. Her feet had a mind of their own as they walked continuously onward. The lake, that horrid lake, was coming into a clearer view now, making her so much closer than she would have liked. However it was not the lake that made her frightened. Oh how it was not. The lake was indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

The shallow waters swayed silently back and forth with the moonlight shining upon it. The wind gently blew it along hugging so close to the surface. It was the perfect place for a day of peace. The sight was so calm and breathtaking, it made one lose their self in the splendor of it all. No, this was not the source of her anxiety, rather the place where it always happened.

It was happening once again. For what seemed the millionth time, she would go back. And that was the source of her trepidation.

As she was only a foot away from the cool water's depths, it started again. The sequence began once more. She her eyes stared down into the water, the cool clammy water that shone in the only source of light available. And not be choice but rather force, her eyes stared into those abnormally calm waters. There as so many times before, was the vague silhouette.

As always it turned clearer and it showed an image of a young girl with her long raven black hair, just like her, although this young lady's hair was pulled back in a ponytail. The image's eyes where sharp blue sapphires while hers were a green. This stranger's hair was blowing in an unfelt wind. Her hand reached out and touched the water's surface by as if instinct, now it was forced and without thought.

The image exhibited in those cold waters was fading now, replaced by a new one shortly. This one was of a place, a very nicely built place. This image would have been more welcoming but there was not a single person moving in the entire town. In fact there wasn't even a person in sight, nor a bird, or any creature. It was as though it was deserted. That too faded, this time replaced by a slur of images going so fast, that if one blinked once, they would miss five images. But that didn't matter since she couldn't control when she blinked either. She had not been frightened of the previous parts, but now this is where it scared her. And as if practiced, though it was practiced every time she came here in her view, the image faded and was replaced by her own reflection.

The girl's face that was looking back didn't have the emotions of what she felt inside, but of course the emotions that if someone would see her now would notice. It didn't display her inner emotions. It was as though she was in a place where you have no control over yourself. Your mind, heart, and soul are cut off from your body. The girl's face was that of sadness. How could she look so sad when on the inside she desperately wanted to run? Yes, run away and never come back. But there she was staring back at herself with a soft smile.

Suddenly, either a demon replaced her reflection or that she was one herself. She desperately hoped it meant the first, even though there had been no fading. The demon's face that had been emotionless now was turned into a hideous, hideous grin. This sickly grin made it look as though so sinister, so evil, that it scared her all the time in her life. The demon's smile only grew as if knowing what she was thinking and suddenly grabbed her by the wrists and started dragging her into the water, down to the bottom. Yet she didn't fight back as she oh so desperately wanted to.

As soon as her bare ankles felt the lake's water her inner self felt so cold and a shiver ran continuously through her spine. Everything started slowing down in her mind. Things seemed all a blur now. She saw the many images flashed by her face, all to fast to make out though. And she couldn't forget the extreme coldness that washed over her in the inside but her body didn't seem affected and allowed the demon to bring her down all the way. On the inside she was unbearably numb. It was running through her making each second of pain seem like an hour of suffering.

Then the demon had brought her to the bottom and she saw hundreds perhaps thousands of skeletons. She looked back on him with saddened eyes and a small smile. While in the inside she wanted to scream or shout, anything to get away from all this. She saw a dim light and looked up there was that girl again, right on cue, extending a hand towards her, offering help. Nothing at that moment would make her happier at the moment than grabbing that hand, but she didn't and looked away. The girl as usual disappeared.

She stared back to the demon who was still had a hold of her wrists. The demon snarled so viciously that in the inside, she was so frightened that the pain was almost unnoticeable to her at that moment. The demon made a smile that no words can describe as he got ready to take his next victim. And then as she always does wakes up.

"Had that dream again I see Sakama," said her older sister who was reading a book and had not looked up.

"Hai," Sakama replied softly.

"Yes well please don't scream again in your sleep. I'm asking you this for the hundredth time. Can you please stop?" her sister responded calmly.

"I'll try Chieko but it's hard not to scream, the dream is just so realistic"

"I know but this has got to be the sixtieth day it's happened. You are really disturbing us and the neighbors." Chieko responded with a smile. She had yet to look up and was continuing to read.

Sakama just blushed at the comment.

"But anyway that's not the point. Just look at the clock sis, you're going to be very late for school Miss Perfect," Chieko said and left the room and closed the door behind her.

Sakama stole a glance at the clock to see what she meant by that and gasped.

"I'm going to be late! I only have 15 minutes till school starts," Sakama practically shouted and jumped out of bed thinking of ways of how her homeroom teacher would react.


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