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Celestial Dreamer

Chapter 8: Journey to Lenalle

By: Cherry Sakura-chan

Written: Monday, 4/5/04

Published: Monday, 4/5/04

            "It's Ayabito-san!" Tsuya shouted as she stood there looking back at Nahoko and Ritsuko. They looked at each other in horror and ran over to where Tsuya was.

            "Sakama-chan can you hear me?" Nahoko said as she kneeled down looking over at Sakama. When she didn't answer, Nahoko started saying her name louder and shaking her slightly. Still there was no response. Finally Nahoko stood up and shook her head.

            Tsuya looking around spotted something on the ground. She bent down and picked it up. It looked like some kind of scroll.

            "What's this?" Tsuya asked pointing to the scroll. Nahoko looked over to it and walked over to see it closer. Ritsuko shot it a glance then started trying herself to wake up Sakama by yelling.

             Nahoko took the scroll and opened it up. Nahoko examined it and found the paper looked very old and worn out. Nahoko then looked at the small neat handwriting near the top. She read through the words to herself and it clicked.

            "Directions," Nahoko said closing the scroll.

            "Why would that be here?" Tsuya said looking around. "Do you think it was Ayabito-san's?" Nahoko simply shrugged in response.

            They both looked over as they saw Ritsuko still yelling to Sakama and kicking her foot. It was obvious it wasn't working and Nahoko and Tsuya sweat dropped. Ritsuko annoyed that this was taking so long and shook Sakama semi-violently. To her surprise and everyone else Sakama spoke up.

            "Would you please stop shaking me? If you ever lost blood you should know it makes you dizzy. You don't have to make it worse," Sakama complained and sat up fully. She sat there trying to regain her composure.

            "What are you doing out here anyway Sakama-chan? Much less why you were on the ground unconscious," Nahoko questioned.

            "My memory is a bit fogged. Let me think. Okay I went to the park. And I met um Katsumi there like she wanted," Sakama said as she tried to remember. Tsuya was a bit surprised at the mention of her friend.

            "What about Choshi-san? Why did she want to meet you?" Tsuya asked more than a little confused.

            "She said that she wanted to talk to me about something. She never explained though. Something attacked us. The thing was like unearthly that had an ear splitting scream," Sakama answered her mind much clearer now.

            "Well what happened to Choshi-san if you're here and she's not?" Ritsuko barged into the conversation feeling left out of it.

            "Another one of those things was chasing us so Choshi-san sent me ahead. She gave me directions and she said she'd meet up with me later," Sakama said. The word directions made Nahoko think of the scroll.

            "Are these the directions she gave you?" Nahoko asked extending the closed scroll. Sakama nodded.

            "That looks like it but I never opened it. I never had a chance since another creature came by and attacked me. I killed it I think but I slammed into this window breaking it. I guess I was losing blood too fast so I passed out. Can I see the scroll?" Sakama explained then asked. Nahoko nodded and gave it to her. Sakama opened it up and read it out loud.

"I'm following these directions," Sakama said when she had stopped reading them. "I want to know what Choshi-san has to tell me. I think I deserve it after all this," she continued and stood up and brushed herself off. "Do you want to come?"

The three looked at each other. This was just a little too weird. Ritsuko only thought for a second. A mystery needed to be solved. It was a simple enough of a decision to Ritsuko.

"Sure!" Ritsuko said and walked over to her.

"Ok me too. I want to know if Choshi-san is okay," Tsuya said as she walked over as well. Nahoko just stared at them and sighed.

"You guys never really stop to think do you? But what the heck I'll come along too. Let's go," Nahoko said and walked on with them.

They followed the directions to an old abandoned house. It was very rundown and tiny. Weeds seemed to rule over the grass in the lawn as well. It wasn't much of a home sweet home.

"That's were the directions end. This must be the place," Sakama said pointing towards the house which was more like a cottage than anything else.

"That old dump? Are you sure Sakama-chan?" Ritusko asked looking doubtful.

"Yeah that's the one. Come on let's go in," Sakama motioned as she started walking towards the door. The others followed along silently. When Sakama turned the door knob, she was relieved to find it unlocked and stepped in.

Shutters were shut and the inside was pretty dark. There was only one light in the room and it was from a lantern on a table. Sakama stepped inside and started heading towards the light.

Sakama heard the door they had entered through shut but she kept heading forward. Her shoes echoed noisily on the old wooden floor. Sakama could hear her three companions stumbling in the darkness behind her. She had to suppress her laughter when she heard them trip over each other. Finally reached the lantern on the table and saw Katsumi sitting on a chair by it. When the other three reached the table, Katsumi finally spoke up.

"I was just about to go look for you Ayabito-san," Katsumi said. "I see you brought company. Please come over to the fire place and kneel down," Katsumi said smiling. They all went over in confusion and knelt down looking over at her.

"You know the way here right? You don't the need the scroll anymore do you Ayabito-san? Could I please have it back?" Katsumi asked as picked up the lantern.

"No I remember the way here," Sakama said and handed it over. Katsumi took it gratefully.

"Thank you," she said. To everyone else's bewilderment, Katsumi ripped off the paper from the wooden handles. She took the paper and lit it with the flame of the lantern. Then Katsumi threw it into the fire place and lit it in the process. Everyone looked at Katsumi waiting for her to say something. Katsumi cocked an eyebrow and talked.

"You don't mind an adventure. Even if it's dangerous do you?" Katsumi asked. They each thought about it for a moment. By the sound of it things could get ugly. But then again life was boring at the moment with school exams and all. And besides how bad could it be? Staying up all night? Running away for an afternoon? An adventure sounding alright to them all and they nodded.

"Good," Katsumi smiled. She took out a small leather sack and opened it by yanking on a draw string. "Then you won't mind coming with me." Katsumi reached into the sack and pulled out some kind of blue dust. Everyone's eyes followed her movements and she suddenly threw it into the fire. "To another world, that is."

They had no time to ask questions or look at her in bafflement. They were suddenly being dragged into the fire. The group didn't even have a moment to try to pull away, it was so sudden. In a flash of light and of second of pain, as if someone was pulling them in completely different directions at the same, it was over.      They realized they were falling from the sky. Sakama, Ritsuko, and Nahoko fell down and hit the ground with a thud, then scrambling up off the ground and stood up. Tsuya had managed to somehow fell into a crouching position and then stood up herself.

Katsumi as if she had practiced, which was most likely the case, landed in the same way as Tsuya but with a more dignified manner.

"Sorry I didn't mean for us to land like that," Katsumi said with a laugh. "Anyway welcome to the world of Avonia. You're in the capital, Lenalle, of the continent of Ruyite."

Sakama looked around to view her surroundings. Sakama nearly fainted. This was where her dream with the mysterious woman had taken place.

"Yes welcome. I apologize for Katsumi's messed up entrance," a voice from behind them said. Sakama turned around to see who had spoken and her draw dropped.



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