Long ago, there were only several different races that god had created to live on the earth; Humans, daemons and Faereys. Of course their were animals and other life flourishing on the great blue planet but compared to these three specific races all others were inferior. The Humans represented the light of the planet, the daemons the dark and the faereys represented the green. The green was the natural elements that controlled this earth. Every clan of faereys had specific units to controll, but this tale focuses on the celestial clan. (Faereys that controlled the Zodiac). The mother sun bearer of all the celestial faereys was intrigued by her new child she had bore. She bore the mark of Scorpio, but what was most more unique was this child's eyes bright gold as the color of the scorpions exoskeleton. The mother sun chose Antares as her birth name (the great red star making up part of the celestial symbol). She passed on her daughter to her two older children for raising and protection, and smiled. She knew that faerey was special.