A/N: Yup, another poem I wrote while bored. Nope.. not at school (-gasp-) but at home while waiting for 6:40 to come around so I can leave to catch my bus. This one isn't all deep either... its a fun poem!! ^.~ (Im also writing because my evil mother wont set my time limit online down so I can get ON at this hour T,T Evil mum...)


Oh NO!
Im really, really, REALLY LATE!!
I have to get dressed super quick!
Pack my lunch lickety-spilt!
Oh horrors of horrors Im late to school!
Why is my alarm clock so cruel??
Brush my teeth, brush my hair,
Phew...Im ready, there!
Oh no Im late, oh woe is me!
Oh.. wait...hang on...
What could this be???
...Im early...