Forest Fires

Koeryn had been wandering the area around Mt. Alduran for several hours, mainly exploring and making notes on his map. He froze suddenly, his nose to the air; could it be? He took another sniff, trying to catch the elusive scent... and grinned. It WAS! He dashed into the forest, running silently and more gracefully than any dancer could ever have dream of. He coiled his legs and pounced. A short, high-pitched yelp escaped the throat of his quarry, as she fell to the ground and was pinned there by the seven foot eight Cat warrior. He'd finally caught the Vampiress Vaio by surprise. "Hey!" she exclaimed. Koeryn licked her nose. "Hye there yourself!"

They grinned at each other for a second, and then Vaio went rigid beneath him. Before he could ask what was wrong, she shushed him. "Someones here... who doesn't belong..." Koeryn rolled off of her and she jumped lightly onto her feet. She peaked through the bushes, and caught sight of what was troubling her. Then her eyes saw the pendant he was wearing outside of his cloak. "Would you like some help dear?" Koeryn asked. "Nah, this ones mine." Koeryn nodded and sat down on the forest floor to watch the fight. He was disappointed. Vaio leapt from the bushes, and from the smell that was emanating from him, scared the crap out of the poor fool. She landed about three feet away from him, spun around, and planted her foot in his rib cage. There was a muffled crack, and the Vampire Hunter went down. She bent down and fed, then threw the body down. "This is only a- " Koeryn's dagger and picked a stake out of the air with the accuracy and power of a stooping hawk, sticking it into a tree, rather than its original target of Vaio's heart. "-diversion" she finished as if nothing had happened. "I doubt it would have hit me anyway, but thanks dear." Koeryn stood. "No problem."

They caught the same scent simultaneously. "Fire." they both stated as one voice. Vaio's eyes took on a very cruel and hard look, Koeryn began raging. "They DARE to touch my forest?!?" He drew his falchion. "Where?" he asked. He was the very image of pure, undying rage. His hackles were raised, his lips curled back to display his many sharp teeth, and he was growling low in his throat. "Lead on my Tigress." He stood there for a second, waiting for her to go. "They're trying to either smoke me out, or burn me alive..." she said, her eyes glowing in hatred, in fear. Koeryn saw all of this on her face. "Look, the longer we wait, the more likely that fire is to go out of control, the more likely it'll be that the flaming piece of dritt that started it will get away. Ill be left with a burnt out forest, my home will be destroyed... and you wont get your kill." Vaio's eyes hardened, and she took a heavy scent of the air. She ran south, towards the Tree of Dreams, leaving Koeryn to catch up to her. Inspiration struck Koeryn, and he motioned for Vaio to continue as he ran off into the woods...

Vaio watched him run off with mixed feelings, but she kept moving. She would have to hurry if she wanted to take this bastard down. She put on a little extra speed, using her senses to track down the Vampire Hunter through the scents of smoke, and forest. After about five minutes of running alone, Koeryn caught up to her. "Welcome back she said as they kept going. "Thanks, I think I found the solution to the fire, so lets get the Hunter." Vaio nodded, "He should be really close now, in the next clearing." It was Koeryn's turn to nod. They burst into the clearing at almost the same time and Vaio stopped as soon as she saw the Hunter. He was over-weight, and had obviously been running. Koeryn didn't stop, though and tackled the heavy-set man 'round his over-large middle, pinning him to the ground. Vaio let out a mental chuckle, thinking: "Heheh, he is good at that", but decided she'd better do something if she wanted to get ANYTHING from the man Koeryn was raging at. She sauntered up beside Koeryn and deftly eviscerated the man, very painfully, but not so bad that he'd die quickly. It took Koeryn a moment for him to realize that the man was bleeding all over him. He looked down at his clothing in disgust, then head butted the Hunter's nose, flat against the paunchy mans face. He stood, and then remembered there was a forest fire nearby. "C'mon," he said, leave the bastard to suffer."

"C'mon," Koeryn said again, this time poking her in the ribs, "There's work to be done!" She turned and nodded, and then they ran off, this time straight to the flames. As they arrived, there was already a good- sized group of people fighting the flames, most of them adventurers from the nearby Hunter's Wood Tavern. He spotted a blue-cloaked mage, and ran straight to him, Vaio hanging back, watching the flames. The mage nodded after a quick conference and began chanting; at the same time Vaio was pulling a blue crystal from her cloak. Two storm fronts came from opposite directions, and began to soak the battlefield. Koeryn watched the twin cloud fronts in amusement and turned to see that both Vaio and the Water mage both had bemused expressions on their faces. "I guess the three of us think along the same lines, neh?" He called to them. Vaio chuckled and the Mage nodded. Koeryn raised his face up to the sky, the rain washing away soot, ash, and even a little blood, to reveal his golden and black striped fur in streaks and splotches. He walked over and took her in his arms, ignoring the catcalls from the assemblage. "I guess there's no such thing as a quiet night with you is there?" he asked. She grinned and shook her head, "Never." He gazed mischievously at the vampiress in his arms, "I happen to know where a lake is where we can get the rest of this dirt off..." Vaio grinned, "Sounds good" Koeryn turned and dashed off into the forest, tossing "But you got to catch me first!" over his shoulder. Vaio shook her head, and caught the blue crystal in her hand. The storm was still going because of the mages spell. She grinned and gave chase, so ending another adventure.

---Authors Note---- Hye is NOT misspelled, you have a problem with it, that's too bad, if you talk to me on AIM, that's me personal greeting. Dritt is Scandinavian for... well, look it up or guess. REVIEW! AND DONT STEAL! ITS MINE!