How could this happen
Is it even possible
That love could die out
Especially the kind you find here
This is my home, you are my family
But you see me as your enemy

All I've ever done was love you
I've given you my trust, my best
But it seems like you've forgotten
The way we've laughed
The way we've cried
The way we've embraced and held each other

I thought I could always turn to you
When I needed someone to stop the tears
But you've slapped me in the face
You've stabbed me in the back
And you tell me it's for the best
Tell me, how could you be so cold?

Father, can I run to You?
Will you hear my heart and take from me
The pain and fear of rejection?
Or will You too forget all my needs
And the way I've cried out Your name
Please, Father, don't let go

Oh Father, You're all I have left
You are the only one I can turn to
Nobody else will help me with my burdens
I know it's been hard to prove to me
That the cross was never mine to carry
But now I just want to receive it

I need a friend
For I'm alone
I need healing
For I've been hurt
I need Your love
For my church has forgotten me