It'd Never Happen

Authors Notes: This is my new account, I was Shaylyn a while ago, but my friends knew about that account, and I want to write without being afraid of their criticism. This story was inspired by a VERY strange dream I had, when I woke up, I built onto it, and decided to write it down and post it. Please tell me what you think! I really want to know if I should keep on going with this!

Chapter One

~Serena's Morning~

Serena Castle yawned, and stretched out a hand to bash the snooze button on her clock radio, which was now blaring the days forecast over a wealth of static. She rolled over and got out of bed, immediately reaching for her brush. Serena glanced at the clock, 6:15 AM, far too early for her brain to be functioning. She sat down in front of her full length mirror and put her contacts in. Once she could see clearly she reached for her clothes. The outfit of the day was a short denim skirt, red shirt with satin collar and pockets, and some silver jewelry with her blue Adidas. She once again plopped down in front of her mirror and proceeded to put on her make-up. She put on some foundation for the shiny parts of her face, like her forehead, nose, and chin. Next she moved to her eyes, where she put on gold eye shadow, eye liner, and some mascara. She finally added some lip gloss, and sat in front of the TV, while putting the lip gloss in her jean pocket. She sat down and watched her favorite early morning TV show, while drinking some coke, she was waiting for something. She soon heard what she was listening for.

Time to get up! She heard her mother say through her door. Serena smiled. She always woke up a half an hour before her parents. Her parents assumed that she only needed about fifteen minutes to get ready. Which usually made her fifteen minutes late, if she rushed. This way, she could take her time, and still have a few minutes to spare, just to relax. She took a quick look in the mirror before heading out of her room. Serena was pretty, very pretty in fact. She was tall as well, giving her an advantage over other girls. She had shoulder length full blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a pale, but flawless complexion, and beautiful features. Most would think, from looking at her, that Serena was popular and snotty. They couldn't be further from the truth. Serena hated popular snobs, and was only popular with her own friends. She had had MANY offers to forget her old friends, and go off with the Popular People', but she always turned them down. In sixth grade Serena had looked NOTHING like she looked now. She had been chubby, with bangs that went past her eyebrows, acne, big glasses, and braces. She looked awful. A few people befriended her, but the popular ones made fun of her every day. Over the summer Serena worked out in the gym in her apartment building, got contacts, went to a dermatologist and got medicine for her skin, and lost her braces and bangs. When she went back to school the next year no one recognized her, except for her old friends, who congratulated her for transforming herself into a Bombshell. She has the same friends that she had back then, and she still hates the popular kids for making fun of her when she was younger.

She grabbed her black Jansport backpack from it's little perch on her dresser, and left her room, turning the lights off as she went.

OK, lets go! Serena sighed, as she entered her living room. Her mother waved goodbye from her position on the couch. * Oh great, another mystery* Serena thought. Her mother practically read a novel a week, and It was always some murder mystery. Her father came out of the kitchen, and followed her out the door. The drive to Lincoln High was rather uneventful, so Serena listened to her Mp3 player most of the way. When the car pulled up to the curb, she whipped the headphones out of her ears, and shoved the player and earphones into her backpack.

Bye dad! Serena said, waving to him while slamming the door of the Black Mercedes shut. Her father drove away, and she stepped through the gate of her school.

Hey Castle! trying out for hoochie of the month? She heard a voice jeer from behind her. She whirled around to face her worst Enemy. Jareth Alaster.

~Jareth's Morning~

Jareth's watch alarm went off at 6:55 AM, as usual. Jareth pushed through the early morning fog that was clouding his mind, and reached for a glass of water. He always kept some water by his bed, because he was always thirsty when he woke up, and he hated having to leave his room, and go downstairs to get it. He rolled out of his bed, and switched on his stereo. Linkin Park began to pour out of the black speakers on both sides of his room. He smiled, and went over to his dresser. He yanked out a shirt and shorts, he didn't really care what either of them looked like. He wore almost the exact same thing every day, basketball shorts, and a big t-shirt, usually with some random obscene phrase on the front. Once he got dressed he ran a hand through his hair and looked for his backpack. He looked in the mirror mounted on the hallway and smiled.

Yep, still a lady killer Jareth said to himself, in his usual arrogant way. The thing is, most would agree with him. He was 5 8, which was tall for a fifteen year old! He had dark brown hair, that was spiky, but only about half an inch tall.He also had the features of a god his last girlfirend has said. He found his backpack under his living room table, he had been doing his homework there the night before ( a rarity for him, because normally he did it during the class it was due in).

I'm going to school! He yelled as he left his house, skateboard under his arm. He practiced some tricks on the way to Lincoln High, just in case anyone was watching. Once he got through the gate he quickly put the skateboard under his arm again. Lincoln High had an evil security guard, named Mr. D, if he saw Jareth on his skateboard ONE more time, he was going to take it from Jareth. Jareth looked around the main hallway of the school, looking for his target. He found her quickly enough, clad in a denim skirt and red top. * What a great way to start the day* Jareth thought. * Ruining Castle's life*.

Hey Castle! Trying out for hoochie of the month? He asked tauntingly. He watched, amused, as she spun around, her face turning slightly red.

Screw you Jareth! At least I wear something different on occasion! Serena hurled back.

Oh! Big words for such a- Jareth was cut off by the loud monotone bell. Serena gave him one last glare before running off to Advanced Choir. Jareth stole one last glance in her direction before heading to Algebra One himself. Anyone new to Lincoln High, would have thought that they secretly liked each other, but if you had been there EVEN a week, you would know otherwise. They were worst enemies, everyone knew it, they fought at least three times a day, and if one was absent, you would see the other praying they had been hit by a car. It was almost like the schools trademark The School Where The Hatred Began!. Not that any of the teachers knew of this. Serena was almost a straight A student, and Jareth was, well, not. So if they fought, normally Jareth was to blame, much to Serena's glee.

In Advanced Choir Serena couldn't stop fuming over what Jareth had said. * Hoochie. He would know, most of the girls he dates would never be caught dead in a full skirt!* She stood up when they began to warm-up, and didn't think of Jareth anymore.

In Algebra, Jareth was smirking over his victory, he had had the last laugh. He knew that hoochie remark had made her angry, and her comeback had sucked. He lazed in his chair, thinking of other ways he could mess with her that day when his thoughts were halted abruptly.

Mr. Alaster! Would you care to share your thoughts with the class? Mr. Schaben said angrily. He was standing in the front of the room, with his hands on his hips, glaring at his least favorite student.

Not really Mr. Schaben, but thanks for asking! Jareth said, plastering a false smile on his face.

Thinking of a girl perhaps? Mr. Schaben asked, hoping to embarrass the boy.

Actually yes! Jareth said, smiling openly. Mr. Schaben was taken aback, what on earth was the boy up to? None of the teachers knew of the ongoing battle between Serena and Jareth, they somehow were oblivious to it all. But the students knew.

Well, maybe I can help you out, she'd never be interested in you Mr. Schaben said jokingly.

I know! The feeling is mutual, I assure you, but that's the fun of it! He said, with a smirk on his face. Mr. Schaben stared at Jareth, just trying to comprehend what the kid had just said. He gave up after a few moments, and went on with the lesson plan. It just wasn't worth it!

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